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2ww all over afain

So I got my positive one week ago n still over the moon. Had a wee bleed on Saturday but it didn't continue

I got a letter to say my first appointment is in 2 weeks (the dreaded 2 weeks) some how this 2 weeks feels worse, I just wish it would fly in

I'm not sure how my body should be feeling. I get (bit so much) pains in my belly and sore boobs at times.

Is this normal? What is everyone is feeling


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Sore boobs here too, and some mild nausea on and off. I had plenty of stomach twinges just before and after test day but that seems to have settled. My scan is 31 May. I agree with you, another 2WW that's nerve wrecking! Hang in there. Xx

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Hi L1984. But just think you will get to meet your little "bean"! Just going to have to try and keep busy for now. Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Diane


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