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6+3 weeks pregnant- red rash over chest....normal symptom??


I have noticed over the past week I have a red rash over my chest, it's not itchy or getting worse there are just small red patches all over Im just wondering if any of you ladies who have had a bfp have had this before? Is it due to hormones changing etc I've asked Dr Google but all Im getting is things about eczema etc and I've never had that, this on me looks more like a heat rash


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Your skin becomes more sensitive in pregnancy due to the hormones. I had skin irritations with both of my pregnancies flaring up in the first trisemester, small pimples on my upper body, sometimes itchy. They disappeared but my skin is still more sensitive and dry in the second trisemester. It could be just hormones or your skin reacting to something it has never reacted to before. If it becomes very irritated or it stresses you out then talk to your gp, but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it. That's my two a penny! 😊 xoxo

Maybe DianeArnold has some pearls of wisdom?

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Thank you, I didn't think it was anything to worry about but then I start to doubt myself ha ha Im using my usual body wash which is fragranced etc so I may well try a different one for sensitive skin see if that helps xx

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Hi Laura3101. I doubt it's anything to worry about, unless you have a temperature or it becomes more widespread. Have you been in a warm environment or been sitting out in the sun? The fact that it is just confined to your chest, it will probably disappear as quickly as it appeared. You can get unexplained rashes in pregnancy, but you only need to worry, if you have been in contact with infectious diseases, or your urine output lessens. Diane


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