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Best early pregnancy tests


I am Due to start clomid tomorrow, I am usually due on on the 10th of the month but this month I started on the 13th. I was wondering what the best pregnancy tests are to test before starting your period.

I'm asking because on the 10th June I am going on a hen weekend and was going to test before I go to see if I am pregnant because obviously if I am pregnant I do not want to drink

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Any of the tests in the supermarket are good. If the hsg is in your urine they will pick it up, good luck x



The best ones are "one step" pregnancy tests on amazon, I say this because they are the most sensitive, picking it up at 10 units, most supermarket ones are 15-25 the minimum they can pick up. They are also really cheap and the same type the nhs use. You can get 20 for just a few pound.

First response are the best of the pharmacy ones but they are really pricey and no more sensitive than one step.

Lots of luck xx


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