Advice re: sperm donors? Keen to hear people's thoughts and experiences x


As you may know I've had 2 failed attempts (one icsi and fet) and our issue is male factor. I've been reading up that sperm can impact overall embryo quality and our batch wasn't a good batch hence both embryos ended in early miscarriage.

We are now wondering whether it's worth spending more money and time on trying again and again or whether we should try something different and use sperm donor to increase our chances as my fertility as far as we know is fine.

Has anyone done sperm donor before? Does it differ depending on where you go? Do you get a profile of the donor? How did your male partner feel about this? Really keen to hear people's experiences and thoughts xx

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  • I'm using Donor sperm.. But single so slightly different to you... I have used sperm from UK and Greek sperm banks and found process clear and straight forward, my sister helped me choose.. Bit like an argos catalogue.. with his hair colour, Weight, height, job etc... So matching wise you can get close... Good luck... Xxxx

  • It's amazing how you can choose a certain profile. Is that the same wherever you go? x

  • Not sure.. Friend was at clinic in Northampton and they asked what she wanted and chose for her.. But I was with London bank sperm and can deliver nationwide I believe.. U need to be under a clinic to register with them.. At that clinic I paid £950 for 1 vile. Which is one don't feel left in the dark that's for sure.. Think you can look on London sperm bank without ordering.. Take a look xxxx

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