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Referred for my first appointment at the Fertility Clinic

Hello, I am new on here and today I've received my letter to say I have my first appointment at the fertility clinic. I've been referred as for the past 3 months I haven't been ovulating. Really nervous about my appointment and some insight as to what I should expect would be a great help. Thank you in advance. 😊

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Welcome to the group,

Everyone is lovely here,

I had my consultation on 9th, we talked over my history and results, and the plan if my treatment, I've got to wait for a nurse to call for an appointment to show injections and go through the plan then I start in July, this is my 2nd cycle of ivf,

But don't forget each clinic is different so yours may be difference. Wish you all be best on your journey xx


Hi Mrs Parkinson,

Welcome 😊

Leesalou said it all really 're clinics. They all work differently but just wanted to wish you well with your journey.

Once you know what treatments at you will be on we are all here to support with whatever we can xx

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Hello and welcome to the group

If it is your first appointment they tend to run over your history .

They may also do scans and other tests to see if they can find any possible causes for the non ovulation .

They then tend to talk about investigations to see if they can find the cause why you are not ovulating. They did laprascopy with me to check my Fallopian tubes .

And then they discussed chlomefene with me to help induce ovulation .

You will get lots of help and support on this forum xx

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Thank you so much for your information. Very helpful xx


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