Our little embies are being taken to day 5 ❤️

Hey everyone, the embryologist called this morning to tell us that they're taking our remaining 3 embies to day 5 (Saturday) as they're doing well. We did have 4 fertilise (they couldn't see the 4th one properly on day 1 to determine if it had) but the 4th didn't develop, however 2 are where they should be at 8 cell and the 3rd is slightly behind but could easily catch up he said 🙏🏻

So now the wait to see if they continue to develop and make it to Saturday! 😳When this happened on my first cycle I was so clueless and just assumed they would, they actually did so we're praying that these do too, but that the ending is happier of course!

Thanks for all your wishes over the last few days..repeats over & over 'it only takes one, it only takes one'!


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  • Wishing you lots of luck. I got to day 5 and only had 1 to transfer but then by day 6 we had 2 others ready for freezing. Sometimes they just need that extra bit of time xxx

  • Aw thank you Laura that's nice to hear, sorry about your bfn but glad you have little frosties, hope it's a happy ending with one of those xxx

  • Thata fab news all the best are you having a double transfer xx

  • Thank you Ro5ie, yes I have doubles because of my age & that's my clinics protocol over 38. Just hoping that 3rd one is good enough to br frozen just in case 🙏🏻 Xx

  • Keeping fingers crossed for you, ive got my scan tomorrow to find out time for egg collection monday the consultant said depending on numbers and quality we can choose a double transfer this is our 3rd go i have a son from the first cycle and then we did a frozen cycle last year but that didnt work so we decided to give it our last shot Im 32 and o/h 56 xx

  • Thank you, and to you too for your scan tomorrow xx

  • Day 5 is brilliant! Well done and I hope the other catches up!!! Roll on Saturday!x

  • Thanks Hun, here's hoping! It'd be lovely to have one to freeze too, just in case but we'll see xx

  • Brilliant news and a good strong couple of embies there.

    Good luck for sat xx

  • Thank you 😘

  • Great news, roll on to that day 5!xx

  • Thanks Cinderella xx

  • Fingers crossed that your embies keep developing well.

  • Thank you pm, hope you're ok xx

  • Wishing you lots of luck and sending my prayers! Looking forward to your updates dear! xxx

  • Thanks so much marsenan xxx

  • Oh lovely.hope they make it and you freeze some.come on lil embies ..grow

  • Thanks Lawmom, yes we're really hoping we have one to freeze (they transfer 2 because of my age) just in case xx

  • Yay this is great news!! Keep the good news coming xx

  • Thanks Rainbow, yes let's hope it does for all of us 🙏🏻 Xx

  • Yes indeed. Is very uplifting to read the positive stories :) thinking of you xxx

  • 😘 it is, I love reading others good news, gives so much hope xx

  • Definately....and hope keeps us all going which is so important, will keep an eye out for your exciting updates! X

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