I caved in and now regretting it ๐Ÿ˜ข

Hi Ladies so I caved and took pregnancy test. I'm 6dpt and had all the symptoms yesterday to think I was pregnant. I woke this morning and didn't have the heavy boobs so thought harm in doing test.. I was wrong. It's a BFN and I'm distraught. I haven't left bedroom because I'm so annoyed I've tested. Last time I started bleeding early and so took tests then, I had no reason to do it this time I was sure I'd be strong enough not to test early. Xxx

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  • Hi Hun, don't beat yourself up, I think most women on here have caved a some point. Don't give up yet, as I said I caved and tested on a Saturday when my test date wasn't until Wednesday, I got a BPN but then tested on the Wednesday as I hadn't come on and got a BFP..... when is your official test day? Xx

  • Hi Hun that's mega early to be testing. There's soooo may stories on here when ppl have tested too early and a few dayss later BFP.

    I hope that's the case for you. It's hard when your scrutinising symptoms, but I had on/off sore boobs all the way through till about week 11. That's crappy when that's the only symptom your clinging to! Give it a couple of days โค๏ธ๐Ÿ€Xxx

  • Hi don't be too upset I think you tested way to early to be honest. Try not to panic and test again when they told you to xxxx take care

  • Far too early Hun xx

  • Hi leah, don't you think it s too early to test. You had transferred on Monday...I m trying to hv patience till Tuesday. Last time I had tested til one day before the test day n all came negative but I got positive on the OTD. So your test might b false...you have to wait til the OTD..

  • Yes I know it was definitely to early, that's why I'm kicking myself because my head is all over the place now. I was in such a good place. Thanks for your replies ladies. I'm clinging onto anything I can. No more tests here now until 14th xxx

  • 14th is a long way yet Hun, it wouldn't show this early if you are pregnant. Wishing u all the luck in the world for a BFP xxx

  • You could well still get a positive probably too early to test xx

  • I'm praying it's not accurate and it was too early. I've had a duvet day, just what I needed xxx

  • I tested early and got a negative but it was a positive result on my test day. It's hard waiting but your body won't be able or ready to register yet.

    Wait until test day and it might very well be a different result.

    I did about 4 tests when I got the positive just to be sure lol.

    Good luck ๐Ÿ’•

  • Thanks for your replies. That's what I'm trying to tell myself. It was too early. I'm due on period on Thursday and if it comes it comes. I hope the injections won't stop it coming because that would be so cruel. Xxx

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