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Spotting / bleeding post period


Just seeking a bit of advice.

I have regular 25 day cycles and ny perioda generally last about 4-5 days with a day of brown spotting. My period finished last Tuesday but since Thursday I've had brown spotting. It's not a huge amount but I do have to wear a panty liner. I wasn't too concerned but I'm now on cycle day 10 and have had egg white cm mixed with brown spotting and some light red blood when I wiped. This hasn't happened before so I'm a bit concerned it could be something serious.

I'm 34 and have unexplained infertility.

Can anyone she'd some light on this?

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Hi, I've not had this I'm afraid so am a bit unsure of what to suggest. Have you just been through a treatment cycle? If so, they mess up your cycles after that. The cm may mean you have a lot of oestrogen - I read that online somewhere. I had spotting before periods and my homeopath sorted that out for me. I hope you find some answers. Vic x


Hi Vic. Thanks for replying.

It wasn't treatment related as I've not had it yet, but the bleeding has stopped now, thank goodness. My opks are getting darker so I'm hoping that whatever it was hasn't affected ovulation this month. I will mention it to the Clinic at my next appointment though.

My stepmum is trying to get me to see a homeopath. Would you recommend it? X


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