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When to jump back in?

Hi all

Today would have been my first beta test but I got AF super strong yesterday after terrible cramping in the wee AM for hours. Still getting the bloodwork done for my Dr- but my question is how soon can you cycle again? Both physically and emotionally. My husband and I are pretty devastated but now we feel like we understand the process better and jumping in seems like the right answer for is. I'm 42 so time is not my friend. Thoughts?

This process is brutal...

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My clinic asks for two periods first but that may be just their protocol. Sorry for your bfn xx


So sorry to hear this. Lots of hugs x My clinic said as soon as we we were ready and actually said there's some research evidence to suggest benefits for going for it straight away although was a bit vague on that. Good luck x


Thank you !!! For some reason jumping back in feels more hopeful than waiting, so fingers crossed!!!!


I know exactly what you mean. All the best x


Hi Trixiepie. You may be able to start on your next cycle after this period has finished. Most clinics would be prepared to start again as soon as possible. Good luck! Diane


Thank you Diane- I'm hoping!!!


Hi Trixiepie, I got a bfn last month on my 1st round of icsi...emotionally I just wanted to crack on with the next round and my clinic were fine with that (maybe because it's a frozen cycle)...will be calling the clinic tomorrow on day 1 of af and will start my down regging in 3wks time!

I thinks its upto the individual and the clinic...good luck! Xx

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