Endoscratch done 😊

Visited my clinic today for the first time in months and had endoscratch done ready for our next (& final) cycle starting. I made sure I had a good few sucks of gas & air beforehand and during this time, I was so woozy I barely felt a thing. Very good stuff! 😁

Feeling a lil crampy and nauseous but otherwise all fine. Starting the pill for 3week now then onto stimms, lowered dosage and short protocol this time so fingers crossed no ohss. I'm very nervous this time around but at the same time positive/optimistic. ❀😊🌼🌈🌠

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  • I hope it all goes well for you this time ☺️ it's a difficult journey to be on but all worth it. Good luck x

  • Thankyou, it certainly is. fingers crossed for us all xx ❀

  • Hi Flossy, I've got my endo scratch and dummy ET tomorrow - not looking forward to it! I've got 2 more days of down reg drugs and will be starting stims at some point the next week. I'm v nervous of OHSS too - was horrible last time! Good luck with your cycle xxx

  • Holy moly you lucky lady....gas & air! I'm doing my 3rd one in a few weeks & not looking forward to it! Glad it all went well! Wishing you loads of luck toots, try to stay positive as difficult as that is!!xx

  • Ha ha, I didn't get offered gas and air either! Ouch! Hope I will not have to repeat that one - I cried... I'm a cry baby...! X

  • Mine wasnt great either Alice but Im too scared not to have it done now in case I regret it so my turn again in a few weeks!😱 Hope you're feeling better soon, my cramps didnt last too long!xx

  • Thanks hon, no, I feel fine actually, just a bit tired 😴 . Good luck for yours, I'm sure it's worthwhile xxxx

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