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7 eggs, 2 mature, both fertilised

So after my egg collection yesterday they got 7 eggs. Just found out that only 2 were mature and luckily both of them fertilised. We are booked in for transfer next Wednesday. Now we just wait?!!!!! Just so scared what if they don't make it to Wednesday?! I know after reading so many posts that it is always quality over quantity but it's natural to feel worried with such low odds. This is our first time though so trying not to get my hopes up anyway! Can anyone tell me what the reason might be for not many mature eggs??! I usually have quite long cycles and don't usually ovulate until day 21. They did the EC on day 19 so wondering if that would have an effect or if the drugs would just override that anyway? I know I'm thinking about this too much but just expected a better response as I am 31 so still technically 'young' ish?!!! 😂 Thanks for all the support so far. Currently so bloated and feeling like I may burst at any moment 🎈😮 xx

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As hard as it is try and stay positive. It only takes one have everything crossed that everything goes well for you. I know how it feels I am 30 and had the long protocol I had 16 large follicles but they only retreived 5 eggs of which four were mature and only 1 fertilised. Xxx


Thank you for the positive and kind words. Im sorry to read it didn't work out this time for you. I am trying to be realistic in thinking that if it did happen first time for us we would be very very lucky however likelihood is it won't but at least the clinic will have more information to go with for next time in terms of how i have responded to the drugs etc. Its all trial and error isn't it?! Its all so much heartache and stress, makes me upset just thinking about going through all of this again. xxx


I stab your embies the very very best, hope all goes well and yes your right quality over quantity for sure. We also had as many as 9 eggs collected, 7 made it but only 4 wer good enough to continue the process. We had 2 out back but only one turn into a positive pregnancy. The wife is now 12 weeks, a long way to go and we feel blessed, but I just wanted to say.... your feelings and concerns are very very natural but you must be positive Bluebelle. The wife did also have the scratch, which may have helped with FET

We all continue to wish you the very best and keep on touch.


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