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The dreaded time of the month has come

Feeling really down today, even though I could've told you I wasn't pregnant before I started my period there is always that hope. But when it comes its very final you know? I know next month will be the same as my husband has to do a sperm test around the time of my ovulation and we can't have sex for 5 days prior to his test. I keep counting down the days until we get our results but it's still a whopping 42 days away. Starting to wonder whether it'll ever happen to us 😞

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Hi Bec-A

I totally understand how you feel, this was me last week. I always have that bit of hope which is quickly dashed.

keep strong and i wish you lots of baby luck.

Lucy x


Oh Bec-A, I think everyone here knows how you feel, each month is such an emotional rollercoaster. Look after yourself and try to stay positive. xx

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Hi Bec-A. So sorry to hear that you are feeling pretty rubbish at the moment. Part of the problem is the amount of time we have to wait all the while. Still, you're "in the system" now, and things are moving, even if slowly just now. Hope all goes well with whatever treatment is decided for you. Good luck! Diane


I really sympathise Hun. I always know when trying that it's not gonna happen but still feel sooo disappointed when my period comes!! We r going for our last frostie in may and was gutted to have to go on pill in the mean time as had hoped we could still hope for a miracle in between.all we can all do is keep hoping for our happy ending x


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