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Where do i go from here

Hie beauties. So i had a MC at 8 weeks and went through D&C and was spotting for 3+ weeks. Spotting stopped and i haven`t had AF in more than 7 weeks. i used to have regular AF. I was eager to try again as soon as i got my AF. Now it`s stressing me. What is wrong with me now considering we did IVF because of male infertility. What should i do?

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I would speak to your clinic and see what they advice x

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Hey Stacia,

Really sorry for your loss. It's really common for a miscarriage to complete muck up your cycle. After my miscarriage I waited about 7 weeks for my first period and when it did come it was very heavy and quite painful. I then went from a regular 28/29 day cycle to sometimes 33/34. It's only recently it's started to regulate a little more.

If it doesn't come within the next few day I'd give your clinic a call just for some advice and reassurance.


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So truly sorry for your loss. I hope things settle down for you soon and you're able to try again x

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Hi Stacia

Firstly can I say that I am sorry for your loss. A very distressing time.

I had a MC at 7 weeks and like you I opted for surgery. Again like you our consultant advised us to move forward quickly if we could emotionally manage it. I was having weekly HCG test as the clinic could not start me on a new round of treatment until it was below 5. I have only just got my HCG level to below 5 and that is since 18th January!!!!

Everyone is totally different though and can be back to normal very quickly. My suggestion would be to see if you can get a HCG test done and just see where your levels are at.

I am not sure if this helps but do not panic if AF has not arrived.

Wishing you all the very best with your onward journey.



Thank you for your response, very helpful


So sorry for your loss Hun. It can take a while for your system to get back to normal as your body has had a shock so try not to worry but let your clinic know to see if they can offer reassurance. I know it's frustrating when u feel ready to get on with things so hope it sorts itself out soon for you xxx


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