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Hi everyone we've just had hiv and hep blood tests, my husband will have his sperm sample appointment on the 22nd of march, all the tests will get sent fertility nurse in Cheltenham, she will then send all to oxford where we are having our treatment then they will send us our consent forms, my question is when you've done all tests for your fertility doctor how long did it take for the consent forms to come in the post and then how long after you've sent that back did your medication come? xxx

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I think the process must differ a lot by PCT as we had those tests done at the very beginning of the process and then had to go on the waiting list. We've then waited for 7 months to start. We have to get the tests updated again later this month before we start treatment in April.

We signed the consent forms back in July last year and then had another set to sign in February.

Sorry, not sure whether that is any help at all so may be best to call your own specific clinic to get your own timings?


Hi tarahxxxxx. All this should get underway within 18 weeks. However, as "MrsB76" suggests it could take longer. it might be worth contacting your CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) to see what the waiting list is. Good luck for when you do get started. Diane


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