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Still waiting for initial appointment


Does anyone know how long it takes to be refered to the hospital for IVF treatment.

My hospital said they sent the letter last Monday and the next stage would be us receiving a consent form?

Is it me being impatient?

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Annoying as it sounds Lauren, you'll have to be a tad patient, especially if your going through NHS. If I remember, we received if I recall we received our first appointment within 6 weeks. Having said that there's no harm on contacting the hospital directly.


Hi Lauren, every clinic will be different depending on their waiting lists. Why dont you give the clinic a call to ask how long it might be, Im sure they wont mind!xx

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Thanks both, i guess i will wait till after Easter as am probably being impatient




When we first got our referal we got a letter from the gp with a password and was told to phone the hospital directly.

Was seen at the gp in November and then had our clinic appointment in January. We are now currently waiting for our nurse consultation to sign the ivf paperwork. This is on the 9th of may, we could have gone the week before but we are having our last holiday before all the fun starts lol xx


Thankyou i guess it is all a waiting game


I think it all depends on the waiting lists and processes in your area. We saw the GP last April and had our first appointment in July. We've just started our first treatment a year later.

With hindsight I think we should have been a bit pushier though as I've seen people on here managing to get in early by phoning regularly on the chance of a cancellation etc so I think a very polite call to your clinic wouldn't hurt at all.

Good luck. X


Thank you

The hospital said they sent the letter last week so i will give it a bit longer but will definitely ring if it approaches 4 weeks.


Mine said within 2 weeks and I not heard by 14th to ring direct so I rang them today as tomorrow is b/h and they was waiting for my gyno to ring me as they was missing some info for hubby good job i rang otherwise still be waiting for gyno to call she said they was advised last week, argh more poxy delays :-(. Xx


Hi Hun we are in exactly the same boat we got sent our letter in the post which I had to phone the hospital to say I hadn't received so the secretary told me our appointment date (which is Thursday the 20th of April) this is for our initial appointment and dating plan, and said she'd sent another one which I received today and we got the consent forms on Saturday but I rang oxford on the Friday to tell them I hadn't received them either lol maybe give whoever your with a ring xx


Thank you Tw1986 the waiting is horrible isn't it

I will wait for next week to be over and then give them a call. Not long now until you start your appointments :-) Fingers crossed for you xx


We were referred from our local fertility department in October and had our first appointment in January.


Thank you x


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