Slow cleaving and high fragmentation

Hello everyone,

I had my first IVF egg retrieval in Wednesday.

On day two after egg collection they told me 5 out of 8 eggs fertilised, but they are all very slow to cleave and also very fragmented.

So no Day 3 transfer, they want to wait till Day 5 to see how things develop. I have to call on Day 5 (Monday) to call and hear how things are going before they plan a transfer in (if even).

It all sounds very bleak to me, has anyone gone through the same and any positive outcomes?

Fingers crossed and thanks

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  • Hi Gueritarubia I'm sorry that you're in limbo at the moment especially after such a great response to EC. The good news is that they've not given up and they're keeping an eye on those little embies. Have faith, some start out slower than others. There's often a little fighter amongst the group; I hope that's the case for you x x x

  • Thanks MommaBear16, I hope you're right and that there's good news on Monday. I read somewhere that slow and fragmented embies don't have the same implantation rate as "normal" ones...

    Fingers crossed!

    How are things going for you?

  • There's a lot out there to read, lots of stats and stories but the truth is each case is totally unique. What works one time won't another and some 'perfect' embies don't make it. Definitely keep everything crossed!!

    Things are going well, despite the descent into madness that is!!! Haha X x x

  • Hi, yes I have. I had 4 out of 8 and was told on a friday lunchtime to expect the worst, that they would call me on Monday to update me but there may be nothing to transfer by day 5. The doctor told me on average 25% make it to a day 5 blast. Needless to say that it was a horrendous & unnecessarily stressful weekend that did me more harm than good. By monday I found out that I had 2 left that went on to form an early & a hatching blast. What I'd say to you is don't do what I did & stress out or madly Google statistics, if I could replay that weekend I'd focus on relaxing - easier said than done. I really wish you good news on Monday, X.

  • Hi Gueritarubia. Just hoping that they are just slow developers and that you have better news today. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you lovely ladies for the support!

    Sadly got bad news this morning: none of them looking good today (day 5). They'll give it one more day to be absolutely certain, but it looks like this entire first cycle (8 eggs!) was in vain :_(

    Hard to stay positive now!

  • Sorry to read your post! Its absolutely heartbreaking to get this call, this happened to me on my first cycle. I felt totally devastated and robbed, its horrible! Look after yourself, I hope you get better news tomorrow....sending you a big hug!xx

  • Hi Cinderella5, thanks for your message of support, much appreciated! It's a dark day...

    You say it happened to you, have you meanwhile had some success further in the process? I sincerely hope so!

    All the best

  • It's is a hellish day getting news like that, I really feel for you!! My 2nd cycle went much better although sadly we haven't had a pregnancy! I'm a bit older and the reason we had ICSI was my husband has a low sperm count but they've said my age didn't help the eggs and that's probably the reason they didn't do so well. Did some research & took DHEA for the 2nd one & we did much better!! Thinking of you!xx

  • Hello again Cinderella5,

    Sorry to hear you haven't had any success yet but it sounds like you're another step closer. Did the clinic recommend you the DHEA or did you ask for it? Otherwise same stimulation protocol?

    Would you mind me asking your age? I'm 37... fingers crossed we'll all get what we're dreaming of in the next cycle! Xx

  • No I don't mind at all, I was 38 in cycle 1 and 39 by cycle 2....will still be 39 for the next one! Will hopefully get there eventually! I asked if I could take it & they weren't fussed either way. I just recently had a review and the consultant asked if I'd done anything as the protocol was exactly the same. I said I've been taking DHEA and she said the difference was astounding and I should he get back on it for the next cycle. So although they don't recommend it they did think it made a massive difference for me. Said if she was looking at my 2 cycles she would have sworn it was 2 different patients!! You can ask me anything I don't mind, everyone on here has been so kind to me so happy to help anyone out. If you read back my posts too, you'll get my story as I ranted on here a fair bit! Ha ha haxx

  • Thank you so much Cinderella5, will have a read ;-)

    Amazed at the differencr DHEA made for you, I'll bring it up with my consultant if they're not suggesting it themselves (they must hate us savvy patients!).

    Hope the third round is the lucky one for you!

  • Yes I'm sure they do hate a million questions from us googlers!πŸ˜‚ I had it recommended on here & did my own research. I just thought I couldn't make it any worse! Yes ask your clinic, do let me know what they say? Thanks for the well wishes, appreciate it!xx

  • Awww. Gueritarubia I remember this pain so well. Though mine was over much swifter. None of my eggs fertilised. We only had two. But I just hadn't thought that might happen. I hadn't prepared for it. That was what hit the hardest. Would any eggs grow and would they get any were my biggest worries. After that I thought it was plain sailing.

    Have a rest, get your follow up appointment quick, plan nice things and make time to chat about what next. Big hugs xx

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