Scans abroad?

I have been to the clinic today and i can start menopur yayy!

we are currently living and working over france and i need to have a scan next tues 21st and fri 24th we were trying to sort scans over there but the nurse was adamant that it needs to be done here as the information abroad is all different but people travel abroad for treatment any advise pls x

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  • Hi Rosie, no advice just wanted to wish you luck, so glad you're at stimming stage now!! x x x

  • thanks hun how are you getting on? the nurse mentioned i will need a blood test on stims i dont remember that on my first cycle xx

  • Yes I have bloods done every mon/wed/fri. They alter my meds depending on results x x x

  • Hi Ro5ie. Not too sure why French scanning should be any different, but wanted to wish you well with sorting it out. Good luck! Diane

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