Testing Testing 123!

Hey to all, espically to those who are reaching the end of the 2ww. Wishing everyone a successful result over the next few days. Just know this, it's been a long long journey and you've all done ever so so well to get through it, it's had its ups and downs for sure but you have all shown so so so much courage, and lets hope you will all be rewarded.

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  • Nearly there. Keeping everything crossed for all of us x

  • Fingers crossed for everyone. Starting my long protocol on the 9th Feb and this is my only outlet apart from the OH. Learning lots from you guys. X

  • Have everything crossed for you xx

  • 3 more sleeps for me still trying to be positive after my stupidity at early testing.

    Good luck to us all

  • I'm not sure I'm going to have the guts to actually do the test on Tues....πŸ˜’

    But good luck to you all x

  • Not long now for you, I really hope you get your BFP.

    I ordered all my tests yesterday so that hey arrive day before test date!! I'm bricking it.

    Good luck to you and everyone else x

  • I'm so so nervous too. Wishing you all the best Emma. It's been a long journey, lets all be blessed. We've got clear blue and first response. Wife Still need to do injection on test day tho.

  • sanj76 ive also got first response and clear blue digital. Fingers crossed for us all 🀞It's crazy how many of us are testing is such small time. Xx

  • Feeling nervous considering I got the BFN on Wednesday and haven't really had any symptoms but testing in 2 more sleeps buying test tomorrow so I won't be tempted before my first morning wee on Monday.

    Fingers crossed to us all xxx

  • Best of luck! 5 more sleeps for me...

  • Eeeek good luck for everyone one. Counting my sleeps until Thursday but tempted to test on Tuesday.....just to see. Probably inadvisable i know but so close feels so far haha.

  • Good luck everyone! I definitely recommend first response as i had tested with a normal boots test on test day and although the line was there, it was so faint i doubted it. I retested with first response and there was no doubt of the result! Wishing you all lots of baby dust xxx

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