Need your prayers girls 😒

Currently in isolation with my little man at The infirmary in Leeds, waiting on lumberpuncture results to find out if he's got meningitis 😱He's been poked and pulled and prodded and all sorts going in and out and I'm a bit of a wreck and could really use some positive vibes. I hope we've got enough fight in us for this 😭😭he looks so little and helpless. I'm sorry it's not really the place to post but you lot always made me feel better

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  • Sending positive thoughts your way for you and your little boy x

  • Hey misswinky34 dont ever think u cant message here we are ur prayers are with u and ur little one..God will see him throught and give u the strength to fight..i was just tellin my husband about this and he said he will also pray for u all..we are all here for you feel free to message me anytime xxx

  • All thoughts with you your other half and little one xx

  • Sending lots of love your way xxx

  • My thoughts are to you and your family. #fightlittleone

  • Oh darling I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending strength and fighting vibes to your little one. Big hugs to you, stay strong xxx

  • All my prayers for u and ur little boy xx

  • Lots of prayers for you and your little boy xxx lots of hugs to you all xx

  • Massive positive boost coming ur way xxx

  • Loads of postive thoughts for your family..... he's been a fighter to get this far .

    Huge hugs for u all xx

  • Much strength to you all. If your son is like his Mum, he'll be a fighter! Wishing him well soonest.

  • Sending you prayers x

  • Labs have just confirmed it is meningitis 😭

  • Thinking of you ❀❀

    I am praying that everything is ok xxxx

  • So sorry thinking of you they can do amazing things now xxx

  • Thinking of you ❀️❀️❀️

  • Got everything crossed for you xx I pray all will be ok with your little man, sending massive hugs and healing thoughts!! ❀️

  • Thinking of your little baby boy praying he is ok xx

  • Thinking of you both πŸ™πŸΌ

  • Praying for you and your little boy, you are in the best place, stay strong xxx

  • Lots off dua for your baby boy.may Allah cure him very sha Allah.

  • Oh my goodness!! Sending you all our positive vibes xxx

  • Thinking of you all. Same thing happened to my sister in-law. She had a scare, but the test was negative. Your in the best place.x

  • Little mr has just come out of surgery after getting a line put in that leads to his heart for the anti biotics as his tiny veins kept collapsing. Still praying πŸ™

  • Thinking of you, stay strong ❀️❀️

  • im in Leeds they will make sure he has the best of care. thinking of you all stay strong. hope all is ok with your little man, lots of positive thought even tho it is hard. there are lots of people on here who can support you through it. lots of love sending your way xxx

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