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Private vs NHS

Hi All,

Me and my partner have our first IVF appointment at Barts beg of Feb. We have decided to go ahead with self funding IVF as my BMI is slightly high to be accepted on the NHS. I will getting this under control ASAP! I just wondered if anyone knew that after our self funding IVF if we were not successful would we still be eligable to NHS treatment afterwards once my BMI was low enough?

Feeling Nervous!

Jade xx

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Hi jade no you wouldn't be eligible for funded treatment if you've paid for a private cycle unfortunately, let's hope it works though and you don't need to worry about that. Good luck x


I think this differs by area. In ours you could be funded for 1 cycle as long as you'd had no more than 2 privately - although we weren't eligible for other reasons! We googled for our areas ccg fertility funding guidelines and it states in there the areas rules for funding. Xx


Hi, as I understand if you go private 1st, you don't get any free treatment from the NHS. We are going the NHS route 1st, but we have had to wait between appointments. If I did my journey again I would go private 1st, it's been painful the waiting game.


Its different for each area, some areas won't let you have your NHS go but some do, for example if your eligible for 3 NHS rounds they will reduce the number for every private go you have, in my area we only get 1 NHS but you can have it as long as you don't have more than 2 private attempts. You should be able to find your areas ccg guidelines online. Some areas don't have the guidelines too so you would have to appeal. From my experience not a lot of doctors and consultants know this and tell you straight away you can't have your NHS go so do your own research.

I paid privately for my initial consults and tests to move the process on so when I was top of the NHS list I was ready to go sooner.

Good luck, glad your are starting soon x


Sorry if I've confused you, the doctor we saw told us this applies to every area so she obviously wasn't aware it differs. It's worrying that they can be wrong 😕


Hi jade

We are on the list for NHS treatment in April using a London hospital. At our last appointment we asked if we could do a private treatment while we waited and they said yes as long as there was 2 months in between. It will however take off the amount of tries we can get with the NHS. Our borough allows 3 tries so now we will only get 2 tries. Hopefully we won't need them.

So it depends on how many NHS your borough allows.

Good luck with your private cycle and I hope it goes well and you won't need the NHS cycles xx


We are currently on the waiting list for our second go with uk donor eggs. (Been waiting 12 months) They are fully aware we have had a go abroad and are about to next month. They just said if we need any advise just contact them (advise on tests we already had) and to let them know if it works so we come off the UK list. We would only not be entitailed to our NHS go if we had a child weather naturally or IVF. We are in Somerset x


If you haven't tried it Slimming World is a good way to lose weight. I would never have made the NHS BMI criteria for funding and I was messing about a bit but over two years I lost 4.5 stone.

In regard to the question about whether the private treatment would count as one go, check your local CCG guidelines. Here's a site that compiles all the criteria. You will probably have to go to the website to see if they count it as a go or not as each one make their own rules. CCG is dependent on your Drs postcode not your home postcode.


Good luck x


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