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Unsuccessful IVF


Hello everyone. I had IVF in the summer and it failed. I'm slowly coming to terms with that, with difficulty. I've just bought a copy of Zita West's book on assisted conception and it says that all clinics offer a follow up consultation to discuss what might have gone wrong and what the options are for future treatment. I haven't been offered any follow up at all - I spoke with a nurse to say that my pregnancy tests were negative and that was that. I felt pretty abandoned but assumed that this was normal. We were treated at CARE in Manchester but it was an NHS funded cycle. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I don't know if it's an NHS funding thing or if an administrative error has occurred. I would really like a follow up if possible - just being abandoned by the clinic isn't helping with the healing process. Thanks ladies xx

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Call them and see - I do think it's pretty standard to offer a follow up consult and it's likely it's their error as it's an opp for them to encourage you to go again with them of course!

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Thanks skatty, I will. I thought it was a bit odd but then got busy trying not to think about it at all which probably hasn't helped!

It's definitely protocol to follow up on a failed cycle. I'd ring them to give you peace of mind.


I have had 3 failed cycles (2 nhs) and always had or been offered follow ups. We are also having treatment in Manchester x

We had a failed cycle in august with the nhs. As we had less than 3 eggs we were told we wouldn't get a 2nd cycle. So we had to wait till nov for our follow up with the consultant. I know people who had 3 eggs or above were able to phone and book their 2nd cycle straight away. I would definitely phone them you're entitled to a follow up xx

I've chosen Care Manchester for prIvate treatment, and I must say I have had to chase every bit of the way with them. I saw my consultant then was meant to be sent a protocol in the post. 2 months later and nothing so I chased up. Then the letter seemed to not have a "next step" in so I called to ask what to do next and realised thy had missed out the drugs invoice that was the next step. We also applied to be sperm donors for reduced treatment and even though there is a real shortage, I had to chase to move forward with that too.

We aren't changing though because I feel I've gone too far to start over, and I believe their treatment is good.

from what I understand a follow up is always included so I imagine you will need to chase it!xx

Thanks so much ladies. Button-123 and Katya38, I'm so so sorry about your failed cycles. It's devastating. I hope you're both getting through it.

Orla9298, we had to chase for the protocol too - it was really frustrating. The admin isn't the best but you're right, the treatment is good and the staff are absolutely lovely. I wish you all the luck in the world with your treatment.

I rang the clinic and we're now booked in for a follow up at the end of January. I didn't mind the delay so much - it's taken me five months to be able to say "it didn't work" without starting to cry so I'm not looking forward to walking into the building again! At least we might get some idea of what to do next.

Thank you all again for your help, I really appreciate it xxx

A few friends of mine have undergone their treatment at In**cta clinics in Gdansk. From what I know clinics offer follow up free consultation in case of a negative outcome.

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