Experiences of IVF success with Stage 4 endo?

Hi All,

I've had three surgeries for endo and one previous round of IVF, I am also 39 years old nearly 40. My BMI has increased since all of this has started as life has been a bit unsettled with lots of work and then travel. I also had my contract not renewed due to my time off for surgeries so my confidence has taken a huge hit.

I know that our chances are low. Anyone been there and had a success? Our first round was nearly abandoned but we ended up with 8 embryos in the end but that was nearly a year ago.

I'm feeling very unsettled and unsure. I would love to have our baby but could also be happy with adoption or fostering. My husband wants us to go for it.

Any success stories, words of wisdom or advice. I felt like I was getting over it but after an appointment today am facing the fact that it is now or never really.

Please help!


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  • I think every stage 4 endo and every 39/40 year old is different. I'm also one of each! I sayiff you got 8 embryos last time you should still expect a decent response unless you've had a lot of excision of your ovaries in your laps since then? I'm stage 4 endo and turned 40 the day after my egg collection last week so v similar but then each person is also different. Although my endo has left me subfertile with a blocked tube and damaged ovaries in the wrong place, I don't have the kind of debilitating pain some have each month. Anyway, I can't tell you yet that ivf worked for me yet and I'm scared about implantation and miscarrying but I go in for embryo transfer today! Not sure what'll be the latest but on day 3 I had 7 good embryos and 3 catching up so fingers crossed for a good blast. On another forum I'm on at least 2 other ladies were same age and stage 4 endo. One had also tried surrogacy. So I think your hubby is right - as long as it's right by you and your health/pain. I've found hypnotherapy really helpful in making me positive. Maybe look in to that? (Is your bmi below 30?)

    Ps also started the endo diet (well a light version) about 6months before ivf and a few supplements for egg quality about 3 months before so pretty sure that's contributed to good outcomes so far x

  • Thanks for your reply. Sounds like your embryos are going well. It's such an exciting time.

    I haven't had surgery since the first round and have been on progesterone to stop ovulation. I hadan injection as well but it didn't work for very long and gave me a hormonal flare.

    Food for thought. I hope things go well today and in the two week wait.


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