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3AA quality Embie

Hi all, another update today from our 7 fertilised Embies. We have been told ( considering is day 5), they said that one embie has reached 3AA quality and done really well, so they will freeze that, others are still developing nicely. So they will give another update tomorrow. Hopefully we will get atleast 4/5 to freeze.

Has anyone had this number grade before, if so what does this mean, I think the wife had heard from the embryologist that the one they will freeze has reached "10" cells.... is this good?

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Hi sanj that's really good, well done to you and your wife. I only had one embryo and it was graded at 1 and 8 cells. 10 cells is also very good.

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Thanks NDE1987...we'll get a further update tomorrow ( day 6) so finger crossed the others make it too. Most if the others wer developing well but they wanted to give them another day before decided on what others go to freeze!


Hi sanj76. 10 cells if absolutely fine! Looks like you will get a few to freeze. Hope all continues to go well for you both. Diane


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