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a small update (losing my oprimism.. abit)

it's been like 20 days since we have started the surrogacy program abroad.

i have written to my manager and she said that there is no news for us yet, we have been matched with the donor like the same time we entered the clinic (i am exaggerating but it was quicker than anyone of us could've imagined). and we were told that the surrogate mother will bec hosen and matched within a month. all due to our vip contract, so now it has been almost a month and no news, I am worried. it's going to take another month or less to undergo the stimulation and then we will have to wait for 2 weeks. oh now I am thinking about it too much

this update shows that there is no update in my surrogacy journey. maybe in a week..

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Hi Berhany

I haven't personally experienced surrogacy, or been a surrogate. But I imagine it will be the exact same procedure we go through with ivf; blood tests, waiting for period, checking womb lining etc, which all takes time. So try not to worry, the clinic with probably update you when her cycle starts.

Keep us posted how you are getting.

Best wishes


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thank you! yes, I agree with you, I am all aware of all that stuff my surro mom needs to go through. and i feel so stupid that i am that nervous like is there even a reason for it?

my manager has told me to wait for a little bit more, cos I wrote her that letter saying how worried I am. so she was really kind explaining me that it is not the fastest process in a world and they need to make sure. anyways she said that in a shortage of time I will receive a very nice update. so fingers crossed.


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