Awfull no choice but to change my procedures fter waiting 3 months

I saw a consultant in sep she wanted to chk my tubes she said my appointment with dr will be in decmber so in between i have to call up each month to book a hycosy which i opted to do when at the clinic in sep. So i ring up in sep oct on the 2 day of pwriod ro book a hycosy but was told on both occasions to call next month as they r fully booked i repated over the phone oky ill call next month nov n they hve to give me a appointment as my dr app is in december the reciptoonst said okay call next month n we will try n squeese u in. I ring up in nov n guess wht no appointments again so disapointed and angery so no choice but to change to hsg rather than hycosy not fair at all

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  • I was told that they have to book you an appointment when you call up on the third month?! Might be worth the pals team at the hospital to ask?

  • Thanks for ur reply whats the pals team they did giveme an appointment on the third month but i had no choice but to change to a peocedure that i disnt ask for i dont understand why they kept me waiting three months to tell me that hycosy is still fully booked the procesure was today n it was verrry uncomfortable n had extreme pain when i was home for ten mints but fter that im fine up n running. The dr disnt put that instrument inside slowly she just pushed it in ahe didnt ask if i was ready not good i think thats why ive been in pain n diacomfort all day

  • Have a read about what they can do:

    They should have given you the procedure you were ringing for at the third month..not fair!!

    I can assure you that I haven't found either of my hycosy's to be nice..both very painful and that was with them being 'gentle'!!

    Maybe if your appointment really needs you to have that procedure, they can assist you this time?

  • Thanks for ur reply i feel relaxed that i can share my worries. I will be more firm next time. X

  • Ive had a look at the link u sent its very usefull. I think i have to raise my voice about this. I just want some sort of explanation thats all.x

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