Starting IVF do I give up exercise? How bad is bloating on meds?

Hey Ladies well we are getting close to starting out ivf. I've started pill which I take for 3 weeks 1 week down then start injections on 22nd Nov. I teach high impact aerobics classes and are still unsure if I should be giving these up over this time ? Any suggestions or experiences would be awesome


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  • I think you'll be fine if its what your body is used to. Shouldn't be a problem when on down-reg injections but probably should hold off when start stimming. Once your ovaries start growing you can risk ovarian torsion. I still exercised by walking my dog the whole time but just nothing too strenuous. x

  • Gosh I didn't know u shouldn't exercise.i run every other day -nothing massive, maybe 1/2 hr to 45 mins but wonder....I'm due to have a chat with clinic soon so I'll ask x

  • Hi nbigland. I wouldn't go too mad as you don't want to increase your testosterone levels too much. Just tone down what you are used to. Walking and swimming should not be a problem. Just make sure that you can rest for a few days during egg retrieval and after embryo transfer to give your body time to recover from all the procedures and while implantation hopefully takes place. Good luck with it all! Diane

  • Hi. I exercised throughout my first cycle of icsi ivf. I'm curreny on my 2nd cycle and am continuing exercise. I do various classes including Zumba, body pump and spinning. My clinic told me if I'm used to doing things to continue as it's best for the body. I am having a break when I get them put back in till I do test result. Hope all goes well. Xx

  • I was told not to do anything that would get your core temp up X

  • Hi there - I was advised to keep walking and moving but I gave up running just before and during treatment. I read that exercise elevates heart rate etc putting the body into a temporary 'stressed' state which, ordinarily, is good for you but during this process isn't ideal. It's a personal choice though, some women continue to do what they've always done. Good luck x x x

  • Hello nbigland, my wife is taking the meds at the mo, and it was a week yesterday she's been on them... if all goes to plan, we should be going fur scan next week to check baseline then start with injections. Taking walks in the evening is what we've been advised to do.

    Best of luck with everything. I'm sure All advise you have received from this lovely bunch will be taken into consideration.

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