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Timelines & process- NHS funded

Thought I'd write a quick update, as I struggled to find timelines on google etc of IVF process. I felt this may help others, but I know everyone is treated individually.

IVF consult- 04/10

1st planning appointment- 25/10

Next step- I call my clinic on first day of next period- around 13/11/16. I start meds to control my period on day 21 of next cycle which I believe will be around 1st week of December.

Before I start meds, I have my 2nd planning appointment for calendar of dates of egg collection, injection training, and to have our consent forms witnessed (there are a lot of forms, they were not happy for us to sign on 1st appointment as you need to given time to read them thoroughly) This will before day 21 of next cycle.

When they decide to make me have a bleed in December (I will be on the first drug- noresthisterone for either 7-14 days) they control this bleed to time egg collection so it does not clash with Christmas. I will have a baseline scan on either day 1 or 2 of my cycle and also have bloods checked. All going well I should start 3 injections a day from day 2 (short protocol). They state egg collection will be in January- date will be known on 2nd planning appointment.

Hope this helps anyone struggling with timescales and process.xx

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