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Ask diane

Hi Diane

Having a nightmare, beta dropped and miscarrying😞

Trying to be positive that atleast we got this far but I really need to know what noW?

Beta was 378 Monday, 99 Thursday. Going to repeat tomorrow.

The hospital can't tell me what happens. Do I get a period, Will I bleed? How long til it starts?

Added to this I've got ohss to deal with so constantly feel period pains anyway

Just need some idea to get my head round it all please.


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Hi Miraclebeliever. So sorry to hear all this, as you say a complete nightmare for you. Obviously, it does look as if your pregnancy has ceased to progress, so when your Beta hCG goes right down, plus stopping the use of any progesterone supplement, you may start to bleed like a heavy period. I say "may" as this can sometimes take a couple of weeks before it happens. You will be scanned to make sure all is over with afterwards. I don't want to sound clinical or sound blunt, as your clinic will look after you. Hopefully your OHSS is steadying down now, just got to keep drinking plenty of water for a while. Try not to be scared as you will be looked after, it's just the not knowing. Sending you gentle hugs and thinking of you. Should you need to email me in confidence at any time, feel free to do so at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org Diane

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Thanks Diane I really appreciate it💕




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