Only 3days on progesteron

Hi ladies I had my first scan weeks ago all good . Im 7weeks and 5days pregnant . I call my clinic 2day asking them if I need to extend my progesteron becouse I got only left till this Monday ...that only 8weeks . She told me i don't need to carry on for more . When I told her that some of u here taking till 12 weeks but she explain that in specific cases or FET they will tell to continue till 12 weeks and if was mc before they will want them taking till 10weeks . She say becouse I had long protocol and I was sniffing spray for over two weeks when we start treatment I don't need to continue when they finish. I really don't know what to think . My hubby told me to maybe ask them again to give some more till 12weeks if its doesn't do any harm anyway . I'm bit confused .

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  • Hi, My clinic done exactly the same, says I could stop on test day if positive. Had a bit of a hard time to get them to agree to give me them until my first scan at least but they done it in the end. Just give them a call and explain your not comfortable stopping them just now and for piece of mind you'd like to take them for another few weeks, even if you have to pay for them xxx

  • When I had my test day last month they told me straight to way they will send me extra 3boxes without me ask. My clinic will not call me back 2day and 2morrow ...but maybe what I'm gonna do instated taking 3x a day I'm gonna take 2 just go one or two days more till I call them on Monday again . Thank u stargaze89 xx

  • Its Just the two I take too - 12 hours apart (usually 7.30am & 7:30pm) Hope you get them next week! xxx

  • Thank u Hun that what I'm gonna do then start 2morrow morning ...even if I need to go and pick up myself On Monday I will do it ☺️Xx How is your pregnancy Hun do u have any more symptoms ?☺️Xx

  • That's good, did you manage to call the hospital this morning?

    Yes, I think I spoke too soon, have been sick a little but feel really nauseous throughout the day, sore breasts, dizziness, loss of appetite and tiredness! Got the full whack! That's what I for moaning! lol Its weird though I'm actually enjoying it a little as it makes the pregnancy feel 'more real' xxx

  • Hey Hun yes I call them but they told I really don't need it becouse I had long protocol ..I was sniffing spray for over first two weeks and was fresh cycle I really don't need it . She said that she understand I may worried but I'm gonna be ok without becouse I don't need anymore . Look like I'm just Not gonna need it anymore ☺️😃 I'm good no sick yet... through the day I feel ok but when evening comes I just fall in sleep on sofa .. in night time I don't sleep well I get up few time to go pee .. With food I feel hungry I eat and after few bites I cannot eat anymore 😔 Heartburn was the worst one ... but the rest r good 😃😃

  • My clinic told me to stop at 8 weeks but I had one box left so I just did 2 for a few days and then 1. I felt the sender as you about it but I guess they know what they're doing. I'm 15 weeks today and everything is fine. Good luck xx

  • Thank u Jae85 your clinic told u to stop at 8weeks but then u carry on for another few days ...u mean u had till around week 9 ? If I'm gonna spread for two a day then I will take only extra two more days . Xxx

  • Yes I was on 3 a day until 8 weeks but I had one box left so I went on to 2 a day and then one for the last couple of days. They said there was no reason to carry on with it but I thought il just finish the extra box. Think it just made me feel better finishing what I had but I don't think it made a difference xx

  • Thank u Jae85 I just think I'm worry to much ☺️ Thank u . How is your pregnancy ? How u feeling ?xx

  • Your welcome 😊 I feel great. I've had a couple of scary bleeds and a lot of stretching pains but the baby seems to be growing perfectly. I had very mild sickness but I strangely loved it. Booked a 4d scan for next week, they all just seem to far apart haha. How are you feeling? Have you had scans yet? Xx

  • That great u and baby r good 😃 I had my first scan over week ago . We sow strong and fast heartbeat ...was amazing feeling . I cry and my hubby try to hiding his tears of happiness ☺️☺️ We have us first visit booked with midwife on 19th .. In general I feel really good . I having being sick , just feel this pulling pain in my stomach when I try to reach for something high and pee a lots and my beast bit sore .I do have sometimes headache and feel dizzy . Im happy that I have not being sick but if I will at least once or twice it will feel more real ☺️☺️☺️ I don't know when we gonna have next scan but like u we will definitely do 4d scan 😃 Xx

  • I've had 5 scans so far and I've filled up with tears at everyone of them it's incredible to see isn't it. Glad your feeling good, I think it must be something to do with all the hormones we've been pumped with it takes some off the symptoms away. I've got a scan at 20 weeks and then 28 and 34 all at the hospital so maybe il sneak another 4d one in when the baby has grown more. I bought one of those home dappled kits yesterday and it was incredible hearing the baby's heart beating away xx

  • Hi Jae85 I want scan like every week but my hubby saying is not good to have 😔😔 I cannot wait for another scan I was even thinking to go private . I just want to hear at least my baby heartbeat like every day if I could ☺️☺️ U said that u bought one of those dappled kits ? Can u tell me from where and how much they cost Hun ..I would love to have one like that 😃😃xx

  • I was going to get one at 12 weeks but we held off and I'm glad I did really, it's so easy to find now and it's amazing to hear it. I got it from tesco it was 26 pound but you can get them on eBay for about 20. I got the angelsounds one I've read the best reviews on them. They say use after 12 weeks. It is such a worrying time but it has gone so fast for us so far. My extra scans are with a consultant as I've been put under consultant care so they booked them to make sure everything is okay later on too xx

  • Thank u Hun I sow that angelsound on eBay but then I read to be carful with fake one and where u getting them from . I preferred to buy from Tesco then feels more safe ...😃😃 I enjoy sow much being pregnant I love it even if I don't sleep well or like last night I had really bad heartburn ...I drunk milk and I felt better . I talk a lots to my baby what we gonna do 2gother and how much we love him /her ...❤️ I can take anything any pain how long I know my baby is ok 😍😍 My hubby is exited to ...we both cannot wait to meet us little one ...we counting the days ☺️☺️

  • That's why I got it from tesco just thought we can take it back if there's anything wrong with it then. Aww I'm the same any symptom has made me smile. My mum said she had hardly any symptoms with 4 of us so it's not worried me not having many really.y hubby laughed at me when I said I was singing to the baby but now he's read it's good to talk and communicate with it. My nephews always tell it stories too. Can't wait to find out what it is so we can stop saying it haha. It's such an exciting time, I've been so worried the whole time but now I'm really enjoying it and getting very excited about it all now xx

  • you generally only need progesterone and oestrogen support following a frozen transfer as your ovaries haven't released an egg... With a fresh cycle, you have released an egg, therefore the follicle produces the hormones required the same as in a normal conception. Unless you have hormonal problems or your clinic have said you'll need it don't worry. Trust me, 3 pessaries a day for 13 weeks is a pain in the butt!! (excuse the pun!)

  • Hi Hun yes I had fresh cycle . I think I'm just worry to much and is pain in the butt to take them 3x a day ☺️☺️ I got just 2day and 2morrow and I don't think I'm gonna ask for more . Thank u . How r u Hun ? Xx

  • I'm good thank you! Almost 16 weeks now and feeling pretty normal! Was nice to stop the tablets and pessaries!! Feel like a normal pregnant woman now not am IVF person!!

  • Yeh u right Hun ☺️☺️ Every time I'm at my sis in low home I'm ..always waiting when she put her little one to sleep then I'm sneak out to toilet ☺️ Wow you 16 weeks are u exited to find out soon what u gonna have ? Can u feel any kicking ?☺️It's amazing to be pregnant and knowing your little one is growing healthy xx😃

  • find out in 1 month!! Exciting, cant really feel anything yet...

  • In my case everyone saying ...u gonna have a boy ... Being pregnant is blessing and we don't mind how long is healthy 🙏🍀oh I cannot wait to feel movements ...well I just need to be patience then 😃😃☺️☺️

  • Hi Olivia - just wanted to let you know that I was told to stop the progesterone tablets after testing positive (fresh cycle) and now 29 weeks pregnant, so really no need for it.

    Good luck with it all! :-)

  • Thank u Hun I'm just worried to much . I got only 2morrow and that it . I'm not gonna ask them for more . How is your pregnancy ? What u having boy or girl ? Xx

  • No problem. I'm having a girl and pregnancy is going fine. She's very active in there these days, he he.

  • That good she is doing great and she is very active 😃😃 when is your due date Hun ?

  • Yeah, she seems to be doing great so far :-) Due date is Christmas Day! Of all days... but they will induce slightly earlier due to IVF.

  • That great Just for Christmas 👶🎁Xx

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