First injection done βœ…

So I had my appointment at the hospital today to make sure the lining of my womb was ready. It was and I took my first injection while I was at the hospital. It was absolutely fine 😊 the thought of doing it for me was definitely worse than actually doing it.

The nurse didn't tell me how to store the injections (gonola f and cetrotide) is storing them both at room temperature OK?


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  • I just left mine on our desk in the living room and all was fine 😊 X

  • That's where mines is just now so I will leave it there 😊

    Thanks xxx

  • Yes just store at room temp...oh so exciting..good luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€xxx

  • Good luck. My first injection is tomorrow! Feeling excited though xx

  • Good luck! What protocol you on? Xxx

  • Hello! I had my first injection last night, and we were told to store the it (gonal f) in the fridge, but maybe it varies from clinic to clinic?! Good luck! Xx

  • Good luck! What protocol you on? I read the box and it says fridge or room temp so like you say every clinic must be different 😊 I will keep it out as hopefully they'd have mentioned if they wanted me to keep in fridge 😬 xxx

  • I'm on the antagonist short protocol, so it is all go go go!! X

  • Hi Amanda86,

    Gonal f needs to go in the fridge.

    I have also started my injections today and I'm also on cetrotide so I take it your having your final scan in 10 days? Xx

  • Hey Emma. I've got a scan booked in for Tuesday. I'm short protocol so my final injection if I respond well should be Sunday 16th.

    What protocol you on? How did you find your first injection? Xxx

  • Hi Amanda im also on the short protocol and my EC all being well will be the 17th.

    First injection was fine, I didn't even feel it, due to them having to be done at the same time every day and with the cetrtide ha to be done in the evening I thought I'd do them both at night, so if any side affect then I will sleep through them.

    How did you get on?


  • I wanted to do them in evening actually cause would have suited me better. Funny how clinics have different rules. I've decided to go with 6am each morning so just set my alarm this morning as wasn't working.

    You had any side effects yet? The only thing I've felt is this feeling like my ovaries are being squeezed? Apart from that all OK so far xxx

  • No side effects yet but then I did mine at night so probabley slept though mine lol xxx

  • Hi Amanda86

    I too had my ultrasound on Tuesday there and all was fine

    I started my Gonal F injections wed morning and also taking Luveris injections daily too.

    I was told to store them in the fridge too.


  • Good luck πŸ€ how you finding treatment so far? Xxx

  • Thanks ☺️

    Yeah finding treatment okay really.

    I think that's done to k owing what to expect this time as its out 2nd fresh cycle.

    We got pregnant last cycle but then it resulted in a misscarriage so have had experiences from borne sides of the coin if tot know what I mean.

    Just going with the flow this time as I can't control what happens.

    How are you getting on? X

  • Sorry to hear about your miscarriage 😞

    Knowing what to expect must be helpful I guess. Your right we can't control the outcome so best just to stay calm and positive and take each day as it comes.

    I feel so much calmer about everything now although still dreading EC! Thats my biggest fear 😱 lol xxx

  • That's ok it was hard but we got through the end of the day my husband and I have each other ❀️

    If there is anything I can help you with just ask.

    EC is really okay!!!

    You'll just feel a little delicate and tires but I was at work the next day after ☺️

    You get tea and toast after it!!!

    Don't think of it as a's further along in your IVF journey πŸ€

    I was starving at you have to fast from midnight before haha


  • Thank you 😊

    Yeah I read about not being able to eat after midnight. I will be starting too! Haha xxx

  • i was told either room temperature or fridge. I don't think it matters too much. Best wishes my love. It's all exciting. Xx

  • Thanks sunnyskies.

    Now I'm doing injections I do feel quite excited about it all 😊 xxx

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