BFP!! :) :)

Well after the my negative test through the week, done two today on my official test date and got a BFP!! Nothing could express how happy and excited my DP and I are just now!! I know the worry isn't over yet but will try to take each day as it comes now. Thanks to everyone for their kind words throughout my experience - you have really helped me through this a great deal and lifted my spirits at really low points! Wishing everyone the best of luck!! xxx

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  • Yaaaaaaaay that's brilliant news. Fingers crossed for a happy healthy pregnancy💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Awww www congratulations!!!! So happy for you!! Xx

  • Lovely news congratulations xxx

  • That's amazing!!! 👏🏻 🎉

  • Fantastic news! Congratulations. X

  • What lovely news! Congratulations x

  • Oh wow Hun Big congratulation 😃😃fingers crossed for u 😃😃🍀🍀🙏

  • Such a lovely thing to read on this sunny Friday morning. Wishing u all the best xx

  • Huge congratulations to you and DP stargaze!! Lovely news! x x x

  • congratulations thats lovely news all the best and keep thinking positive :) xx

  • Fab news!!! over the moon for you, good luck with everything xxxxxx

  • Massive congrats!! 😃😃😃xxx

  • wow....grt news...i was waiting to listen to it....congratulations....stay positive n al d best fr ur healthy pregnancy....

  • Oh brilliant, that's fantastic news. Big congrats xxx

  • Great news!!! Congrats darling. Enjoy it. Xx

  • Hi stargaze89. There you go! Well done you! Here's to you meeting your little "bean" at your first scan. Keep well! Diane

  • Congratulations!! :) xx

  • Just goes to show you really should wait until test day lol. Congratulations! !xx

  • Yipeeeeeeeeeeee great news😀I have just started my first cycle and am a very impatient person so this whole process has been a nightmare for me..I will be so anxious when I have to wait to test😁xxx

  • Fab news Hun! I bet you were soooo happy to see those two lines! Enjoy 😊😊

  • Thanks so much for all your lovely comments Ladies - means a lot to me! :) xxx

  • Congratulations, honey! I also wanted to say how happy I am about your success. Because it is so great when some of us gets BFP. This is so amazing! I can only imagine your happiness as my time has yet to come. I am only starting my surrogacy program though it feels like it's been years. I hope that eventually I will make the same post on this web site and tell everyone about my own BFP!

    Thanks for sharing, I wish you the best of luck ! xoxo

  • Hi, That's lovely - thanks so much!! Wishing you all the best in your journey to becoming a mum, hopefully get to hear your happy news soon! The process is a long and drawn out one with a lot of highs and lows but definitely all worth it in the end and wouldn't change it for the world! Big sprinkle of baby dust!! :) xxx

  • Thank you! Again wishing you the best. Your words just made my day! <3

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