We are now on day 8, we had 2 blastocysts transferred. 3 days after transfer I was bloated and my breasts were so sore. Today I woke with the biggest headache I've ever had and in a right crappy mood. Also had night sweats for last couple of days. I'm on the progesterone pressaries so completely understand that anything Ive experienced this week are most likely due to this. We have beta test tomorrow so we ll find out one way or another. Just feel a bit like AF is coming, but that can't happen on the pressaries can it? Trying to stay positive, not brave enough to do home test as don't want a false result.

Need to stay strong one more day and we ll know.

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  • I hope it's a BFP for you!! πŸ™‚

  • The symptoms you've described are exactly the same as I am experiencing at the moment. I'm on 11dpt. I'm also on the pressaries but find the headaches etc are just getting worse. I've my fingers crossed for you, hopefully you'll get your BFP. Do let us all know how you get on. Big hugs

  • Good luck hun xxx everything's crossed for you xxx

  • Just been to bathroom - there was a spot of blood when I wiped. Faint but there. Trying not to panic - but I think the dream is over and the blood test tomorrow will confirm.

  • If it was light pink it might just be implantation bleeding don't panic yet x

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