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4am needed a wee- felt like Christmas Eve.

5am I went for a wee. My hands were shaking. I really thought my little faint line on Day 6 was a fluke.

I don’t need reassurance today. It’s there strong and clear. It was fainter than that when I ran into my husband. His first words were “Is it?” I turned the light on, his eyes all squinted and he pretended he could see it I think 😂. A few mins later, it’s there- loud and clear.

I know it’s still very early days, I have another 6 days until my OTD. So much can happen but something I’ve learned on this journey is you enjoy the ups when they come and tackle the lows when they come.

I’m going to keep going as I have been. I am returning to work on Monday and I am nervous.

I’d love stay in my little bubble, away from all this risk of Coronavirus 🙈.

I am allowed another week- id have to get a Drs note. But to be honest I think I’d be better off at work. This week has been the longest.

Good luck to all of you testing today or soon.


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Congratulations! So happy for you. I also totally agree about enjoying the joy whilst it’s there. I know that this road is unpredictable and we should always be prepared for more storms BUT I always see it as stockpiling joy to get us through the bad times. It’s an investment that means what ever happens with this little one, you have allowed your body some good times which make it stronger for the future.

Fingers crossed for the next few days. It looks like things are progressing and I hope for more lines in the days to come! Xx

I totally agree. After the storms we have had the last 3 years of TTC, I shall enjoy this moment. Never in my 29 years have I had a second line. I’m thankful for that as now I know it’s got to be true. I know stress and anxiety don’t play a part in it but I think positivity is half the battle.

Thank you- I really hope the line gets darker and darker. I wasn’t expecting it that dark to be fair.

I will treat myself to a digital one on OTD x

Congratulations darling 🌺🌺🌺🎊🎊🎊 lovely needs to wake up too

PurpleLove19 in reply to Saxcin

I couldn’t sleep after or before for that matter. X

Congratulations - wonderful news! Xx

Congratulations!!! I am 6DP5DT Xxx

Good luck for your test xxx

Congrats. Like you i woke this morning at 5 and had to go so i thought id test. Im 9dp5dt. At start my line was faint but got stronger. I cant believe it. Going to go to Tesco now to make sure im not dilusional.

PurpleLove19 in reply to Cmd20

Awwwh, congrats hun. Haha I don’t blame you. I’ve got some arriving today. But going test every 48hrs x


Hi hun, so happy for you xx 😊, I had a wobbly yesterday morning as thought the clinic were going to tell me I need another day of meds before egg retrieval 😬😬 but they did not, thank goodness 👍😊. Egg retrieval tomorrow and SO looking forward to feeling normal again 😬😕😂

PurpleLove19 in reply to Hidden

Good luck. It’s such an exciting but worrying journey. Me and my husband just had lots of belly laughs at the clinic. Especially when he had to put the hat, gown and clogs on 😂. Do what’s right for you and stay happy. It’s weird as I actually feel back to myself again, not pumped full of hormones. X

Aww what lovely news 💖 you are so right about enjoying the ups - I like that xxx

Congratulations PurpleLove19!

Like every woman here, you so deserve this. Enjoy your happy moment ❤ xx

Congratulations again! Fantastic xx

Aww that's lovely news, congratulations 🥰xxx

Congratulations 💕

Definitely enjoy the ups! Amazing! Congratulations on your (completely not faint) positive!!! If you think you'd be better off at work then totally go back. Should be a lot easier to enjoy the rest of your 2ww now! xxx

Wow! Congrats! Have you had any noticeable symptoms since transfer? X

PurpleLove19 in reply to C_C_H

Check my posts hun from this week. They have been very much like PMS. X

Lovely news congratulations. Do take it easy xx

Congratulations lovely. Lovely news it’s defo there!! 🥰


Aaaaah congratulations! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍xx

Great line! Congratulations 😁😁 xx

Great news!! All looking on track for official test day. Good luck.xx

So happy for you Purple! I like your words around enjoying the ups and dealing with the downs when they come! I mean how can you not enjoy this!!! Enjoy it to the fullest. And little embie please be a sticky one ! Wish you a healthy pregnancy xxx❤️

Wonderful 💐

Yay huge congratulations 💕💕 you must be over the moon x

Darker! I see it 😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💖💖💖💖💖💖

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