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New to UK..Pls help finding best IVF clinic

Hi All!!

Ii am new to UK and while I am here for a short period( till this year end), me and my husband thought of giving a try in London too. I am 38, overweight and have to go for self-funding treatment ( to be reimbursed by our insurance later). Though registered in NHS and my GP agreed to refer to Kings' college Hospital, I am not sure what the procedure would be to get the treatment as soon as possible and the wait time .

I have one failed IUI and a IVF back home where the wait time is none. all you have to do is go to your chosen hospital and immediately they start with the consultation, tests etc..

Pls help me 1. choosing the best IVF clinic in London. 2. procedure to bypass referrals 3. average wait time to get one complete ivf done. 4. average cost and that if the cost exceeds in some circumstances( I cant afford more than 3500 GBP)


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If you're paying privately you can self refer! Some clinics have a wait list, others not. We aren't really meant to promote or bash clinics. But there is a lot of info online!



We are afraid that we have had to delete a post from this thread as it contained comments about an individual clinic. Whilst a request for feedback via the private messaging system is acceptable, we ask that comments are not posted on the community.

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Many thanks



Hi need_an-answer. Do have a look at the following website hfea.gov.uk you will be able to access information on all the clinics in the London area and indeed the whole of the UK. All the clinics have to adhere to strict guidelines set by the "Human Fertilisation and Embryology Association" so that you have assurance that your investigations and treatment are checked out regularly. Some of the clinics have "open days" so it might be an idea to go along and have a look round. Good luck with it all. Diane


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