Round 2 😁

Hi everyone ☺️

I have been given the go ahead to start out new fresh second cycle on IVF.

Unfortunately I had a miscarriage a few days after a positive test last month.

Was so heartbroken as we have been trying to conceive for a few years now.

I feel that I want to go into this round two more relaxed......

Does anyone have any tips or anything?

Thank you all X

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  • Hi,

    Pleased youv'e got your next date.

    Wishing it's your time this time

    Kelly xx

  • Oh I hope so too....

    What a roller coaster eh 😁 Xxx

  • Hi there. I'm so sorry for you loss. It must be devastating. All I can say is take each day as it comes - don't think too far ahead and treat yourself! Do things that relax you like reading, shopping etc. I've had 2 failed fresh cycles and on my 2WW with FET done last week. I always make sure that I have something to look forward to in case it doesn't work like a holiday or something special. Call it a back up plan - it never truly makes up for the 'loss' but it helps to relax you and give you some time to reevaluate. We have to be kind to ourselves. All the very best xx

  • Thanks for your reply ☺️

    Your right in saying bit to think too far ahead....good idea

    Yeah I done that last time by having a wee treat list of things didn't work out so defo going to do that again ☺️

    Just wanted to approach this second IVF cycle differently ....

    Oh so your in the 2WW....wishing you all the luck 🍀


  • Thanks so much! All the best to you x

  • Try reflexology. I got pregnancy reflexology and it really helped. Get it before transfer. Then set the expectations that you need to relax with the people around you, including work, and just make a conscious effort not to get stressed or worked up

    Good luck ❤️❤️

  • Oh reflexology....Mmm might look into that??

    Have your tried acupuncture?? Xx

  • No, never tried it. Xx

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