2 embies on board with donor egg and sperm cycle

I knew this cycle would be emotional, in actual fact they all have! Using donor eggs and sperm you think your chances are that much higher, however it all comes down to the grading of them and how they take which is completely out of your hands.

Today I had my transfer and 2 little embies are on board now, I guess they use 2 because they aren't quite top notch quality and one of the highest graded embryos (10) was showing signs of some fragmentation and the other isn't quite as high graded.

It's all in the lap of the gods now and if the other remaining embryos (3) don't reach a high enough grade then they won't be allowed to be frozen so I feel it puts a lot of pressure on the ones I've got to take.

Nothing can take away that feeling of wanting to be a mum but how you come to terms with not being able to be one, I don't know.

For now it's trying to get through the 2ww x

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  • That's fantastic news distinction, I hope you get the positive you deserve xx

  • Thank you - it's an anxious time and a long 2ww to get through!

    It certainly plays with your emotions all this thinking time! x

  • It's an incredibly emotional journey and you have to be such a strong person to get through. You are doing so well and now it's time to try and relax and think positive. Hoping your 2ww goes well and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed you get your positive xxx

  • Thank you - it's not always easy to stay positive though after the previous fails as your mind tends to follow what happened before but I'm trying to stay open minded x

  • Best wishes they stick.

  • Many thanks x

  • Well done for getting this far. I really hope things work out for you. The 2ww will feel like a lifetime so try and keep yourself occupied. I have everything crossed for you. Keep us posted. Xx

  • Thank you - I've been on the 2ww before (3x with my previous tries) so I know how hard it is and each time it's been the same! The trouble is your trying to look for signs of feeling different as you think you should be feeling them but probably it's too early just yet! Knowing what to do with my time is also hard I think! x

  • Good luck with your 2ww Distinction, hope the embies have snuggled in nicely for you :) x x x

  • I'd like to think they've nestled in but it seems odd to feel the same, although tummy is a little tender. Thank you x

  • hi distinction how did ypu get on ? How far along are you if you dot mind me asking?

  • I'm on my 2nd week which is taking forever to get through! Dreading test date though. My tummy has been rather bloated and I've had a few tummy twinges, my period hasn't come (yet) though so that may be a good sign, however the medication can have an affect on that.

    I don't mind you asking at all, thank you x

  • not long to go now. You have got through most part of the wait. Nearly there now

  • Yes your right but I'm dreading it! My world could crash if it hasn't worked this time and I won't know what to do but guess I've got to face the answer at some point x

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