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Bleeding and feeling like something isn't right. Looking into NK Cell tests. Any advice would be helpful

We got our BFP on Sunday and today I have been bleeding and a lot and clumps like I have had before when it hasn't work. Feel upset, empty and lost. I feel like my body isn't doing what it should be and going to look into NK Cell testing. Just feel we need answers this was our 5th cycle and we can't keep going through this mentally and physically. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing husband, mum and family. We will do anything to get our miracle.

Hope you all ok xx

Thankyou Kelly xx

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Hi, I'm so sorry about the bleeding after your BFP as I'm sure you must be worrying. Have you had bloods done to measure the level of hcg? I know some ladies can have bleeds and the pregnancy is ok. Can you ask your clinic to do this so you know if levels are rising or not?

I have been in the same situation sadly quite a few times, and unfortunately all of mine have been chemical pregnancies (very early miscarriages). It's so cruel seeing a BFP then loosing it a few days after.

I wanted to say I had my uterine NK cells level tested last year, as I was having repeated early losses. I'm not sure if we can mention clinics on here? But I paid private to go to one in the Midlands. (Private message me if u want more details) My levels came back abnormal as they were very high, Infact highest the clinic had seen. So I was given a treatment plan to follow on my last frozen transfer cycle. Sadly it ended in a chemical again. But I will be following the treatment plan again in a few months when we do fresh IVF.

I also went through the recurrent miscarriage clinic on the NHS and had testing, which all came back ok. If you have had 3 losses, no matter how early or late you can ask your GP for a refferal.

I wish you luck.... And hope the bleeding is not what you fear. Big hugs X



Thankyou for your information I will pm you.

I am having bloods done on Monday and again Wednesday.

Mine were also early miscarriages and just very hard, this was our 5th time and I just need to find out what is happening I feel I need to have the test.

Wishing you lots of luck

Many thanks



Oh no kelly I really hope the bleeding is nothing serious, I don't know anything about the NK testing although I am keen to know more myself, I just wanted to say I have everything crossed for you xx


Sorry to hear that. Fertility issues are just a different world it's such a difficult time xx


Sorry to hear you are bleeding after your BFP - fingers crossed for your HCG levels rising next week - let us know how you get on xx

I suffered a miscarriage from natural conception a few years back followed by a failed fresh ICSI and FET by the nhs. When I went for my private consultation the doctor recommended the NK cell testing due to my miscarriage and two failed cycles as everything else seemed to be perfect. I did the test and my levels came back high. I have been on a treatment plan since I got my surge with my last fet and am still taking medication now until I am 12 weeks where I will start slowing the meds down. I am currently on prednisalone which is a steroid to basically switch of my immune system, clexane which is a blood thinner, lubion and cyclogest both progesterone and I have something called an intralipid which I had day before transfer followed by one 4 weeks later and another at 12 weeks. The test is expensive (I paid £775!!!) which tested all my thyroid and the medication is also very expensive but I figured it hopefully will be worth it xx

I really hope everything is ok for you next week xx



Thankyou so much for your message xx

Could I ask a couple of questions?

How far gone are you now in your pregnancy and was it a fresh or frozen cycle and what is the cost of the medication?

Lastly where did you get the test done?

Wishing you lots of luck and baby dust

Kelly xxxx


I am 8 weeks on Monday and was a FET. An itralipid costs £350 per go so total £1,050. Lubion is £85 for a weeks worth which the clinic give to me (I have been taking this since transfer!) and I stop taking this at 12 weeks- I get prenisalone and clexane with a private prescription and a weeks worth for both is £38 and have been taking both since my surge- clexane I change from 40mg to 20mg at 12 weeks and take the 20mg until 16 weeks then stop- prenisalone as its a steroid I switch from 10mg to 5mg at 12 weeks and ween down from that for another 2 weeks until I am off completely. box of cyclogest is about £30 I think lasts me a month and am taking this till 16 weeks.

I got my test done at my private clinic in Surrey - if you live close to me I can pm you the clinic name.

As you can see it all adds up and is costly but I am hoping it will be successful for me. It's hard to know if it's the reason I have my BFP but after a miscarriage and two failed cycles I think it has definitely helped xx



Thankyou so much for the info,have you had your scan and how are the drugs making you feel?

So pleased for you.

I live in Cornwall and seeing my clinic on Monday have lots of questions to ask.

Thankyou Kelly


No problem- I didn't really understand it all when doctor recommended it so any questions just ask!!! I would really recommend the test though.

Ive had a bit of a bumpy road as my HCG levels weren't doubling as they should so my clinic told me to go to EPU - went there and had bloods taken over a week period where they started doubling as normal - had a scan where they saw the pregnancy in my uterus with the sac but they also saw something in my ovary which they thought was my second embryo (I had 2 transferred) I was due to go back a week later but ended up in a&e a few days later with pains in my side they did a scan and my sac now had the yolk sac and the thing in my ovary was still there- went back on Monday just gone and saw baby with a heartbeat which was amazing but whatever is in my ovary is still there but hasn't grown so back on Wednesday! They are saying as it hasn't grown they are hoping my body sorts itself out but now may be a cyst from when I ovulated?! To be honest I don't think they know what it is. Meds are fine to be honest! Not really any side effects although I have put on weight which may be the steroids but that's the least of my worries at the moment!

I have my fingers crossed for you for next week as I have read people bleeding in early pregnancy. Xxx


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