Frostie on board!

Hi lovely ladies

Our FET took place today and went really well, our little embie had thawed well and remained the same quality as prior to freezing which was a relief and so positive as I know they can lose cells during the thaw.

Feeling positive, fairly relaxed (at the moment anyway!) and really quite protective over this little one! My hubby and I are away in the countryside for the week so lots of relaxing, gentle walks with the dog and some little trips to the nearby coast etc. Hopefully him being off work and being away will make the dreaded 2ww go that bit faster, although I'm sooooo happy to be here & counting my blessings.

Lots of luck everyone and thanks for everyone's previous good wishes 😘

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  • Ah, so pleased for you that it's all going so well. I have an FET looming so good stories are always lovely to read. I hope you're 2WW isn't too unbearable. Good luck! X

  • Thank you MonkAK, when are you looking at for your fet? Lots of luck to you (ps glad to have helped with something positive!) xx

  • Yey!! Lovely news. Look after you and your precious cargo xx

  • Thanks hun, having a relaxing week and eating healthy etc so doing all I can 😘

  • Great news Georgina, so glad it went well and a week in the country sounds the perfect tonic. Keeping fingers crossed all goes well xx

  • Thanks sipidania 😘

  • Good news, sounds like you have a great plan for the 2ww!

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks Daisy, yes it's definitely just what the doctor ordered! Xx

  • So happy for you and good luck, hope you get your miracle xx hope you also have a nice week off xx πŸ˜€

  • Thanks so much kelly, are you doing ok? Xx

  • Yes Thankyou X touch wood and fingers and toes crossed just hoping it's time for us all to have our miracles xx

  • Good to hear, I can imagine how nerve racking this time is too for you. Really hope everything continues well and healthy xx

  • Great news. Good luck :) xx

  • Thank you 😘

  • Brilliant news hope you enjoy your we break away 😍 hopefully your 2ww goes by quickly ill be starting mine in a cpl of weeks start injections on Thurs 😨

  • Thank you Sam, loads of luck to you with yours too xxx

  • That's great news, enjoy your break away and good luck X

  • Thanks button, hope you're ok too & still feeling positive 😘

  • Getting there just trying to make the most of being off treatment before it starts again, weekends away booked, eating out and seeing family and friends as I know when it all starts again I just like to shut myself off xxx

  • I know how you feel Hun. Glad you're enjoying some quality time before the madness starts again. Take care of yourself xx

  • Good luck! Have a lovely holiday and fingers crossed x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Hi Georgina, awww that's great news, I wish you all the best and hope this is your special one. 😘 Xx

  • Thanks so much Hannah, me too! It's hard to find the balance between positive and realistic but we'll be gutted if if doesn't work however we feel so I figured being positive can't harm! Not sure how long it'll last! Xx

  • Will keep everything crossed, that time away sounds like a wonderful idea, enjoy! Xx

  • Thank you, it's definitely making me feel better about this 2weeks as last time I was on my own the whole time and it was torture! Xx

  • Good luck to u both enjoy time together xx

  • Thanks Rachael xx

  • Hi Georgina - lovely news! Enjoy your break, it sounds ideal for the 2ww! x x x

  • Thanks mommabear, how are you getting on? 😘

  • I'm ok thanks, still up and down but more ups than downs now. Hope you're having a lovely break :) x x x

  • Oh that's good to hear, you're very strong. I am thank you, just got back from a walk round the nearby town & a healthy lunch and now got my feet up watching trashy tv!! Xx

  • Good luck and enjoy your break x

  • Thank you Lucy xx

  • That's such great news..... Hope all continued to go well, I'm sure the break is much needed.

  • Thanks so much sanj76, yes it definitely is! How are you and your partner getting on?

  • Hey Georgina,

    Me & the wife are due to see our consultant next week for his assessment based upon our test results done recently, so fingers crossed.

    At that point he will ( I'm assuming) give us options if what type of treatment to have , general consensus is possible ICSI.

  • I really hope that appointment goes well for you both and you can progress with treatment. Thanks for your wishes x

  • Ah that's good news. Fingers crossed it works for you this time xxx

  • Thanks so much Sarah xx

  • Wishing you lots of luck we are just starting out in our frozen cycle aswell xxxxx

  • Thanks Mayaudrey, loads of luck to you too. Do you have multiple embies or just the one? Xx

  • Just one hopefully it's a lucky one though! Xxx

  • fabulous news, I have EVERYTHING crossed xxx

  • Thanks so much Hun 😘

  • Good luck georgina78. Hope you have a lovely week away, relax and enjoy. Make sure your hubbie spoils you xx

  • Thank you Sam, having a lovely relaxing time so far 😊 My hubby is very happy to spoil me, I'm very lucky to have a good un! Hope you are well xx

  • Thats nice. Im ok. Nervous as im waiting for my phonecall from the embryologist about my frozen embryo im hoping to have transfered today. I feel sick x

  • Oh I know exactly how you feel, I think I only started breathing properly on Tuesday after that call. Everything crossed that's it's thawed nicely for you abs your transfer goes smoothly xxx

  • Thank you. I keep checking my phone is on volume and got signal just incase. I can't even face my breakfast, nervous and excited at the same time. Xx

  • Yay this is great news Georgina! So relieved for you that thawing was successful & now u will be having a lovely relaxing time away! Perfect timing!

    I start my FET again tomorrow after abandoning last month so I will refer to your updates on this over the next month.

    Feeling scared but excited I can finally try again.

    Enjoy ur holiday with hubby & all the best for the test xxxxx

  • Thanks so much Nat, I really hope your fet goes smoothly and you feel OK throughout and it brings success. I feel exactly the same, scared & excited. Thanks for your wishes 😘 Xx

  • Awe it's great news you have a good quality embryo on board, wishing you both lots of luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€x

  • Thanks Hun, struggling to remain as positive as I was last week but it's just the head mashing that is the 2ww! Xx

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