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Spotting at 5 weeks 6 days

We've had such a roller coaster since our BFP. Slow rising beta levels with the possibility of an ectopic. Yesterday it was confirmed it is definitely not ectopic so that was good news and my levels have been rising by between 30-50% each day so I was holding faith in that. The doc said there's a 50:50 chance of it working out well but this morning I had a little bit of brown/pink spotting and nothing since. Going to call the clinic when they open. But losing hope fast. 😓 Xxx

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I hope you've managed to speak to someone and they've been able to reassure you or offer an appointment. It's so so hard but try to stay positive x x x


Thanks! I'm due back on Friday anyway so maybe they'll just see me then X


Fingers crossed. Try to rest when you can and keep up your fluids.


Thanks pm27, the clinic said it was nothing to be concerned with at this stage but my feet are up! Xxx

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Hope all is ok xx


Hi Daisy

Thanks for asking. The clinic said it was nothing to worry about unless it got worse and nothing has occurred since. I have a 6 week scan tomorrow and then weekly so we'll see in the next few weeks. So difficult trying to be positive but thinking it will end soon. My beta levels are a bit low, still rising but low and we had a natural miscarriage (only other pregnancy) 3 years ago so it's hard to believe it will end well. How are you doing? Xxx


I hope the scan goes well today, let us know how you get on.

I'm doing ok, not sleeping much, not sure if it's because I'm anxious or because sudden changes in hormones - I think a bit of both xxx


I've spoken to so many women that find this stage super anxious and the stress and drugs causing sleepless nights 😴 Hope it gets better soon. Are you 5 weeks pregnant now?

The scan was ok but a bit inconclusive, there's definitely a sac but there's no sign of anything else yet, which is not abnormal at 6 weeks so....more waiting until next week, so nerve wracking. When do you get a scan? X


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