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Our little miracle is here


I still can't believe I am writing this but after trying to conceive for 6 years having gone through 4 rounds of IVF, 1chemical pregnancy and 1 miscarriage we now have the most beautiful girl. I had a bit of a tricky pregnancy with lots of monitoring so thought this day would never come. Thank you to everyone on this forum for advice, support and being there along the journey with me-you were the ones that totally understand. i hope this post gives hope to everyone going on the fertility journey. Baby dust to all xxxx

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Fantastic news!!! xx

❤️ xx

Oh my god congratulations sweet!!! I know what you mean you never quite dare to believe it's real. Xx

Amazing news hun, i would still love updates if that's ok you deserve to be happy 😊 we've all been given this bumpy difficult road cause we are strong xxx


such wonderful happy news, thanks so much for letting us know xxx

Amazing news - so good to hear great news like this! Enjoy! x


Ahhh congratulations!!xx

😊 congratulations!! 💕💕


Congratulations! Well done x

Congratulations! May the joy of motherhood fulfil you in every way. xxx


Amazing news!! Enjoy your precious bundle and parenthood xxx


Hi yllek1982. Wonderful news! Just to wish you peace and contentment in your new family life. xxxx's for little one and a gentle hug fr you. Diane

Congratulations. So pleased for you. Such a magical feeling isn't it xx

Congratulations on your wonderful news! May she bring you much happiness all your lives xx

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl xx

Huge congratulations to you both xx

Many congratulations. What a lovely story. Wishing you all the very best. It would have been my due date on Friday but sadly we had a miscarriage and it is nice to know that you have delivered your baby as we must have been going through treatment at the same time.

I am so pleased for you.

Look after that precious bundle.


Congratulations 🙂 That's lovely news and gives me lots of hope on this journey. Enjoy 💕 Xxx


Massive congratulations xxx

Huge congratulations and love. Enjoy every special minute xxxxxxx

Congratulations! That is wonderful news! Xx

How wonderful! Enjoy every minute of your daughter's newborn loveliness! Xx

Congratulations!!!! I bet it all feels worth it!!! Xx

Congratulations😊 lots of love for the baby..

👶 xxx


Great news...lovely reading about happy endings, wishing lots of happiness. Enjoy every minute 😊

Fab news, congratulations xx

Amazing news how wonderful for you, I wish you happiness and am sure you will enjoy every minute. So lovely to hear such good news xx


Congratulations! So glad to hear she is now here safely. Wishing you all the best for your next chapter xxx

Congratulations on your lovely daughter. Enjoy every moment xx

Congratulations ❤️🌈💋

Fantastic news, congratulations xx

Congratulations dear, such a good news.

Sending hugs to you and the baby.

Great news 👌Congrats xx

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