Yesterday I took my 2nd pregnancy test and it was positive, I can't believe it, we have told our parents and a couple of close friends and everyone one is so happy and over the moon, but I was just wondering if anyone else who is now pregnant could answer a question for me, when does it sink in and when does it actually start feeling real?

I think I had convinced myself it was never gonna happen, so still trying to convince myself it's really happening.

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  • Huge congratulations. It does take a while to sink in. When I started having pregnancy symptoms such as sore boobs and cramps that is when it sunk in. Unfortunately mine ended in a miscarriage and currently waiting for a follow up appointment. I wish you all the best. xxxx

  • Hi Sunny Skies, I am so sorry that you had a miscarriage, thank you for being so kind to reply on my post.

    My boobs are already really sore and having cramps.

    Was this your first IVF? Xx

  • Thanks Hun. I am doing much better now. This was my first fresh cycle. I feel positive about the next one. Giving my body enough rest. Try and rest as much as you can and drink lots of water. Xx

  • I will thank you. Will keep my fingers crossed for you for your next round of IVF. Xx

  • Thank you. Wishing you all the best. Keep us updated x

  • Congratulations!! X

  • Thank you NDE1987 x

  • Congratulations x

  • Thank you Button-123. X

  • Congratulations! I'm not sure how it will sink in, I got my BFP on Monday and while grateful I don't see myself as pregnant, just technically still in the running. I have a scan on the 4th of August so hope that might help me feel more sure, do you have yours booked yet?

    Congratulations again Xx

  • Hi Daisy14, My scan is booked for the 4th August as well. Congratulations to you as well. X

  • I think it doesn't really sink in until you see the heartbeat on that scan. I know when I naturally conceived I couldn't believe it until I saw and heard the heartbeats. I know my boss is currently pg, but still anxious until the scan. Even then I won't be happy until 12 weeks as she lost her last embie at 7 weeks. Good luck xxx

  • Hi Madcatlady55, congratulations. I'm thinking maybe it might sink in when I have scan, but think I might be a emotional wreak when I hear the heartbeat lol. Xx

  • Congraulations xx

  • Thank you Crazy_cat. X

  • Hi Hun congratulations . I couldn't beleve it when I got my positive as I think me and my partner almost talked ourselves into the fact that the first go of IVF was a practice round .

    Anyway it was a positive result first go , I had a scan at 6 weeks and was still half expecting them to dry nothing was there.

    We both couldn't beleve it when we saw the heartbeat , was amazing.

    Apart from the odd twinge and odd moments of feeling sick ( been v lucky) and extreme tiredness / I actually forget I'm pregnant .

    We told a few family members and close friends, big now people are starting to notice my tiny bump 😌, we have our 12 wk scan nxt Saturday and I'm still slightly nervous and don't think it will properly sink in until then .

    Take good care of yourself and rest when you can , lots of early nights 😊 Xxx

  • Hi Aimaim77, I'm the same as you, I never thought it would work for me. How far along was you when you started getting a bump? Congratulations and good luck for your 12 week scan. Xx

  • Hi,

    Well I have to say I had a bit of a tummy befor getting pregnant but now it's more shapely lol .

    A few people at wrk have noticed my changing shape and I've had to deny it to some people as not a lot of people know yet.

    There's definitely a bump now , and I'm 11 weeks . I'd say the shape started changing a few weeks ago so at 9 or so weeks .

    Can not wait for my scan nxt Saturday .

    Hope your pregnancy goes well Hun x

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