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Review Appointment Tomorrow

Evening Ladies,

I am all prepared for review appointment and can't quite believe it's finally here, it's been booked for the last 6 weeks and god time has dragged.

My mum asked me this evening would we try ivf again and I've fibbed slightly and said we've discussed it but left it at that. She'd only worry.

I feel excited but at the same time guilty that I'm moving on from the babies that I've miscarried. If that makes sense.


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Hope your appointment goes well, ask lots of questions and hope they get you started again soon.

There is nothing to feel guilty about, you have been through a lot and you have found the strength to continue so feel proud of that.

We haven't told anyone as we need to manage our own expectations and I couldn't cope with mum and dads on top of that too... Once you are back on treatment you can tell her then maybe?

All the best of luck with your appointment and ask lots of questions no matter how trivial you think that they are.

Holly xx

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Good Luck for your appointment. x


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