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PCOS & Endometriosis

Hello everyone,

I have both PCOS & Endometriosis I am just waiting for day surgery, I do find it a little difficult to find information on the conditions together, while there is great information on them individually its limited for those who have both and how that impacts you,

If anybody has seen / read anything help then please let me know, I am just trying to ensure that I am doing everything required in addition to the basics - no alcohol, increased exercise, watching my diet (I must admit I do miss the odd treat :-) I am just keen to ensure I have no reason to make my already interesting journey to pregnancy harder,

Thank you for your help in advance,

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Hi lala85. Yes, it is never easy suffering with more than one infertility issue. it does seem that you are being investigated in the correct order. I assume that you are to have a laparoscopy in order to check out the severity of your endometriosis and to remove as much as can be safely done. They will check your Fallopian tube patency too at the same time. All being well afterwards, your specialist will be able to come up with a treatment plan suited to you, so you can go forward with whatever is decided and agreed upon. All takes time I know, but once this is over with, they should be able to control your PCOS better too. Well done with the healthy eating etc and I'm sure an occasional treat can only benefit you! Good luck with it all! Diane


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