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Update on baby's looks

Hi all

Last Thursday I wrote a post about how upset I was that I couldn't find any resemblances in our baby to me or my dh and how worried I was the clinic had the wrong embryo. First of all I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who replied with messages of reassurance. When you have just gone through such an emotional experience as giving birth is, your mind doesn't behave rationally, and hearing other people say what you know is true (I imagine the protocols clinics have to follow are very stringent, well defined and well practsed)

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is very reassuring. Also, it only took a couple of days to start seeing howher baby face becomes increasily more like mine


at her age.

Moan: My phone is rubbish! Had to write the post in three portions!


Hi lady123. There you go! Not long before everyone will see the resemblance too - just enjoy being a Mum - and don't forget lots of photos so you can look back on this. Diane


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