Hello All, hope everyone is well, just a quick update since I have not been on here for awhile...

So the wife had a 28 week Scan yesterday, all is going well, unfortunately could get a clear scan as little one was not having it lol. Anyways as I say all is well, growth is good, she's weighting in at 1.2kg roughly. Feeling alot of kicks these days, mainly in the evenings, which is quite normal.

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  • That's great news x

  • Lovely update sanj76!x

  • So pleased fab news xx 😀

  • Great news all the best. Xx

  • Ah wonderful to hear, so pleased all is going well xx

  • Wonderful news! A wriggler is bad for scans, but otherwise a great thing! We had a scare last night with lots of bleeding but got checked out today and our little bean was happily drinking amniotic fluid and measured perfectly for 15.5 weeks. Good luck for the rest of the journey!

  • Lovely news! Not long now :)

  • Fantastic news.. Glad to hear that all going good... Enjoy the last Part of pregnancy before you get to meet your little one xxxx

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