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Hi everyone!

Just a quick first post from me, I've been lurking for a little while and thought I'd sign up and do a quick post. Hubby and I have been TTC for 2 years, been through months of NHS appointments to figure it all out, and have just been referred for IVF. My right Fallopian tube is blocked with hydrosalpinx, which is causing toxic fluid to kill off everything, and is possibly leaking into the uterus causing eggs/embryos from my left side to terminate too. I say possibly because while our first doctor made it pretty clear that this was definitely occurring, the next doctor disagreed. So not 100% clear on our diagnosis, but was told that before IVF that'll be checked and operated on if necessary.

Anyway, IVF is due to start in a few weeks, and honestly I'm really nervous about it! Have chosen a clinic that treats using a method called "mild IVF", which is far more natural and less invasive. Success rate is really good, especially as I've not yet hit my 30s. Im nervous though as my borough only provides 1 free cycle on the NHS, and we just can't afford to self fund any ongoing cycles at this point. So I've recently gone fitness and health crazy in a bid to get my body exactly where it needs to be for best chances. It's stressing me out!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your stories and having people to journey with through these bumps in the road.

Any advice for surviving IVF is welcomed by the way!


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  • Welcome to the site Hopefulmamma. It's a huge support sharing this journey with others in the same boat and ive found it a great source of information and advice. I know what you mean about being nervous about the process, I'm currently in the middle of my stimulation injections with egg collection due in 1 week and it's all becoming very real. Scary and exciting at the same time though. Keep positive and wishing you all the best for your treatment πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€ X

  • Best of luck CheshireKit, can you believe it's really happening?! I feel like I've waited so long for this, and yet I feel so nervous about it all - a feeling which surprises me! Would love to know how it all goes for you 😊

  • Hi, I had a left Hydrosalpinx last year and am due to start IVF next week depending on if my period is on time. I'm nervous to!

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things and just wanted to wish you good luck. Be nice to share the journey with someone


  • Thanks Butterfly_x, best of luck with your treatment next week! Do you mind if I ask what they did to deal with the hydrosalpinx?

  • No course not.

    They advised for me to have my left Fallopian tube removed which at the time really upset me & I didn't want to but they explained I wouldn't be able to go ahead with IVF otherwise as it can cause harm to the embryo if it leaks.

    I had a laproscopy where they assessed how bad it was and the surgeon came round and spoke to me before hand & assured me she would only take it if she felt it was absolutely necessary. It turned out in my case it was but honestly was the best option as it would have damaged our chances had I not had it removed. Have they spoken about any of this to you?

    Try not to worry which I know is hard but you could always ring your consultant and ask to discuss it further which is what I did to make sure X

  • Yes, the specialist who took the ultrasound was very clear about the fact that it was leaking and would need to be removed or clipped before anything else would work, including obviously IVF. But at our follow-up consultation we had the chief gyno and she said there was no evidence that this is what it was. So one of them has to be wrong, but we don't know which! I feel like I should trust the second woman first as she is very specialised in the field, but I feel that IVF is such a risk if it is leaking, and I don't want to waste our one NHS try if the embryo is going to just die off.

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