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Hi I would appreciate any help please

I will be starting intralipid very soon. First time. Has anyone had this and did it work? If it worked after how many failed IVF cycle(s) did you have this? Why did you have it - if you are happy to share this. I appear to have a weak positive Anti Nuclear factor . To be frank I do not know what this is exactly - would anyone happen to know if this is the same as NK killer cells. This will be my 5th IVF cycle. I would appreciate any information on intralipid - success stories etc

Many Thanks

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Hi Mandy_K. It has been known for some years that intralipid causes mild suppression of the immune system. Some consultants have started using intralipid in IVF to treat women who suffer from recurrent miscarriage, or repeated failed implantation following embryo transfer. Normally the lining of the womb contains immune cells that are specially adapted to tolerate an embryo. However, sometimes the immune system does not work as it should, and then the mother’s immune system may attack or reject the embryo with so-called “natural killer” or NK cells. This would make it difficult or impossible for the embryo to implant in the lining of the womb. It is thought that intralipid is able to change the immune cells in the lining of the womb, making the environment in the womb friendlier towards the embryo. That’s about all I know about how it works, and your consultant will advise you best, so good luck if you do decide to give it a go. Diane


Hi Diane. Thank you for this. Yes we are going ahead with it. Fingers crossed it works.


Hi Many_K Keeping mine crossed too! Diane


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