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I am abit concerned. Iv had 2 ectopics resulting in both my tubes being removed. Moving onto IVF I was aware that there was a chance that 1 of our embryos could implant in the nub of one of my tubes. Since about 4dp transfer Iv been having some left sided pain. Mostly on a night? Being that it's been 3 years since my last ectopic (and I think emotionally iv blocked it out) I can't remember how it felt. I have got a BFP. However OTD isn't till Wednesday so I haven't spoke to my clinic yet to tell them my concerns. Is there any there any other reason you can think for this one sided pain ladies as I'm starting to get worried!

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I know that some people often feel pain and twinges on one side after IVF. Often as a result of where implantation has taken place or to do with the ovaries still being tender after stimulation.

I have never had an ectopic pregnancy so can't comment on it but if you feel that you are in pain as opposed to just experiences mild cramps or twinges or it gets worse then call your clinic and speak to someone. They are there to help!


I have never had an ectopic so I can't relate on that score but I have also had both my tubes removed. They were both blocked and taken out the same time. I went through ET on the 31st and had pain on the side it was emplanted. I was concerned and called my clinic and was told this was perfectly normal.

My advice is call your clinic as that's what they are there for. They can put your mind at rest. I've also tested early and gotten 2 BFP's and my OTD is also Wednesday.

Fingers crossed for you and sending baby dust your way xxx


Hi Georgiarobyn. Oh do try not to worry about this, as I'm sure the surgeons will have done their best to try and prevent this happening. Pain can be due to some activity still going on in one of your ovaries, or even just to your womb settling back down after being pulled about. Just rest when you can and keep drinking plenty of water for a few days. Shouldn't be too long until your first scan, when you will get to see your little "bean". Thinking of you. Diane


Hope your feeling ok? I too had 2 ectopics, one on each side and then both tubes removed. I wasn't aware this could then still happen, and I doubt this is this case this time for you. I remember my pain well, with the 1st one it was constant pain in what i'd class as my right ovary area that was so painful in waves and made me feel sick, I also had only what I can describe as stabbing pains up my bum!! The second one was more a constant dull ache and brown blood that would come and go that looked more like grit then a flow! So i'm pretty sure your ok. As long as theres no bleeding and your pain isn't constant then all should be ok. I completely understand your worries, they are horrible things to go through. Well done with your BFP you give me hope! 😄 Xx


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