Review day is here

So today is review day I am actually dreading it!! Armed with a list of questions. Just hope today goes OK! ! I know we will not get an answer as to why our cycle failed and that we just have except. I've felt really low over the past couple of days but hopefully today will be able to settle a few things and close the door and move onwards and upwards for now!! Xx

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  • Good luck today xxxxxx

  • You probably won't get any answers but you can discuss next steps.

    Good luck.

  • Will probably leave wondering what the point in today was!!

  • Hope today goes ok xxx

  • How did it go yesterday hope? Xx

  • Was OK was only in there about 20 minutes discused FET cycle so just need to ring them when we are ready. If fet cycle doesn't work out then it's private time but we could only afford one cycle privately. X

  • At least now ypu know where you stand. Are you going to take some time before FET? Xx

  • Yes going to wait until after Christmas now and have some us time for a little while!! X

  • Sounds like a good plan. You deserve 'me' time. Get drunk and dance on tables for a bit πŸ˜‰πŸ€πŸ’• xx

  • Hope you are doing ok, I was just wondering how you were getting on. Haven't heard from you in a while. I know when I avoid the forum it's usually because of bad times so I was worried. Xx

  • Just been trying to have a little time out!! To get myself in a better place was managing to do so until we got a copy of the report of our ivf cycle which was sent to our GP to find in it that I have sub-septated uterus also we was never told this so I'm going to ring them tomorrow to find out why wasn't told this!! So obviously I've been on Google! ! Hope your keeping well x

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