Success story - infertility, low sperm count and Endometriosis

My husband had/has low sperm count and we tried IVF twice last year. Sadly failed. Between this my husband had a small op for the low sperm count called a varicocele embolization. The specialist we saw told us this op would take 6 months to work due to growth of sperm taking this long. Exactly 6 months later I got pregnant and am now 18 weeks. Feel so blessed and want others to be aware there are alternative routes possible! Good luck to everyone on their journey... 💕

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  • Hi Ohgdid. Well, that's good to here! A varicocele is a cause of heat and sperm don't like to be hot. Well done for your husband going through the op, and huge luck with your ongoing pregnancy and birth. You're nearly half way through and should be/soon will be feeling little one moving now - maybe you already have felt the flutters - magic! Diane

  • nice to know....we r in the same situation but waiting for ivf with icsi first....

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